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Zari names new lover Dark Stallion two days to Valentine's Day

By Michael Nampala 12 Feb 2021 01:22 AM EAT

Valentine's period always gets Zari either firing her lover or hooking up with another just in case she has been lonely or better still, it is the time for her to announce what's cooking in her love life.

It should be recalled that Diamond Platnumz was dumped on February 14, 2018 by Zari Hassan, but less than 8 months later, Mondi had hooked up with Tanasha Donna Barbieri Oketch with promises of a wedding on Valentine's Day of 2019, Baba Lao did not deliver leaving the Gere singer heart broken.

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Zari Hassan and Dark Stallion

Zari and new lover Dark Stallion in pre-valentine's vibes

King Bae out, DARK Stallion in

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To counter the Tanasha Donna Valentine's day wedding threats, Zari introduced to her fans a new lover, Cedric Fourie, aka King Bae who was having the best of Mama5.

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This one had done his ground work knowing how Zari loved life on the first lane, he introduced more (because late hubby Ivan Ssemwanga had a Lamborghini) super rides that included a Bentley, Ferrari that he gifted her and a white Maserati, this was more than what Zari was looking for in a man and as a way of cementing their relationship, a low key wedding was held though no pictures were ever shared.

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Dark Stallion squeezing Zari's heart

"Don't break my little heart, My Man...Call him the Dark Stallion"

It ended up in tears as the man was chased from the posh house and the leased cars towed back due to non payment and that was how that affair ended. King Bae was renting these posh rides just to please Zari.

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That was too much for her that she went in lockdown mode as far as dating was concerned, in fact, she said that it was time to raise her children now that they were growing up, it would not be a wise thing if all they could see was her "hoping on and hoping off" from one man to the other.


A heart wants what it wants, Zari is in love again and you can be sure that this Valentine's Day will have nothing like a black or white rose flower posts, but a touch of red is guaranteed going by the latest pics shared.

"Don't break my lil hand err I mean my heart, Mr. man. Call him the Dark Stallion," Zari captioned one of the pics of Dark Stallion who had tightly held her affecting her blood vessels in the process.
She returned the love by touching him gently.

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That is a statement from someone in love, but in the same measure, some had started sending her posts wondering why she does not put a speed governor on her dating game, she told them that happiness lives here, if it ends in tears, let it.

"The most miserable people will want to see you in their WhatsApp group, Don't count me in that category a beg. I refuse to be one of you...Happiness lives here, if it ends in tears let it, what will you as a person lose?" 


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