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This is what Spice Diana and Nince Henry are up to

By Michael Nampala 18 May 2021 10:06 AM EAT

It has been more than a year with artists not holding concerts and the few who did, they had to travel abroad for performances which saw them entertain just a handful of fans due to the pandemic restrictions that greatly affected crowds.

Nince Henry and Spice Diana

Is Spice Diana in love with Nince Henry?

Spice Diana is among the few that have performed this year, she was in South Sudan, where Vinka was a few days back serving the fans there with a combination of Jet Li and Van Damme butt-kicking moves.

With bars and clubs still closed, the frustrations have forced artists to think out of the box, though many are opting for stunts.


Daxx Kartel is in the news for allegedly splitting with his Momo 19, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz did just the same only to release a song sung by one and directed by the other, and now, Spice Diana teams up with Henry Ssenkyanzi Ninsiima aka Nince Henry, another songwriter to claim that Enough is Enough.

"We have kept this in the dark for long and it's painful. I have a family that needs to know. Even my fans would like to know where I stand in this regard Henry. Yes Nince Henry."

"It's time we come out. It's now or never, I am tired."

Well, that was Spice Diana's message in which she seems to suggest that there's something between her and Nince Henry that has been going on, but it is time her fans and family know the truth as opposed to the elusiveness that has been going on all this while.

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Spice Diana and the Bassusi Bamenvu crooner
Spice Diana and the Bassusi Bamenvu crooner, Nince Henry

Other than stunts, artists like Spice Diana have devised alternative ways of earning, she is a brand ambassador to a multitude of companies, and of late, she has turned to being a comedienne as a way of boosting views to her YouTube channel.

The fans are now waiting for Nince Henry's take now that the ball is in his court, Spice Diana has done her part, she is tired of being undercover, she wants the world to know who her Prince Charming is!!

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Other than that, a collaboration song for Spice Diana and Nince Henry could be in the offing. It is not clear if the 'Yes'
song by her and Mbosso from Tanzania has anything to do with this.

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