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Spice Diana and Chozen Blood working on another collaboration

By Mico  20 January 2022 07:42 pm EAT

Spice Diana and Chozen Blood are in the studio working on a love song that is likely to come out before this Valentine's Day.

Chozen Blood and Spice Diana

Chozen Blood helps Spice Diana with her laces at her home studio...

The two have a love song out there that was released on Valentine's day two years back dubbed 'Muntu Wange' and now working on something else for the fans.


Chozen was seen enjoying Spice Diana's company at her home based studio and she did not deny the feeling and good vibes.

"I enjoy doing music and writing with people with positive good vibes..."

While in studio, Chozen Blood helped Spice Diana with her sneaker laces and from the pics, it was good vibes indeed.

Spice Diana and Chozen Blood
Spice Diana and Chozen Blood

Some fans were quick to warn Spice Diana that Winnie Nwagi would come for her now that they have a lot going with Chozen Blood.

Many artists are on the verge of releasing new music now that  the sector is on the verge of being fully opened though, they, add that they are broke and would want a bit of a boost as whatever little they had was spent during the lockdown.

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