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Hamisa Mobetto turns the heat on Zari's fans

16 OCT 2017 10:48 AM


Hamisa Mobetto at B-Unit in Nairobi where she ws hnaging with friends

Following what happened over the weekend in Tanzania that left Hamisa Mobetto seeking refuge in Nairobi, at least up to the time when Zari can leave her area code, the mom of two has some info for Zari's fans, in this case her haters;


"Dear haters, you have entertained us for so long with the same chorus of the same song. It's four months now since you started telling me how I'm a bi...h, husband snatcher, how I was f...d and dumped, how I will never be like your queen, how I bleached, how I'm a mother of bustards from different men, how I'm a loser, how Dee does not show me in public, how he does not post my pictures, how I raped him, how I'm living a lonely life, how I'm an egg hawker, how I depend on child upkeep, how I can't keep a man, how I look like a doll, how I'm a one night stand, how I'm a copy cat, how I'm stupid and not educated, how my mother did not teach me to get my own man, how I borrow clothes to match your queen."

She continues;

"You have cursed me and my children on a daily basis for the last 4 months. And yes I have heard, laughed and gotten p!ssed at some of your emotional statements. Since yesterday (Danube Home Launch), you are telling me how you advised me and I refused to heed through your insults as you filled my timeline with pictures of your queen and her "supposed" boyfriend. Can you now stop advising me to leave Dee since you seem to imagine that there is no more to worry about and probably start telling us about how they respond to each other in bed. That probably will push me out of my comfort since the others seem not to have worked."

She concludes;

"Me and my fans need new stories from you. We have heard you for the last 4 months and you don't seem to understand that we need more than what you have on the table at the moment.Thank you."

The love Tanzanians showed Zari was way too much that it can't even happen back home, it's for this reason that Mobetto is saying that the game should now change to the couple on how they make out as opposed to her who wasn't taught enough on getting her own man. In two weeks time, Hamisa and Dee will be in court for the child neglect case.

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