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Mimi Semakula, introduces lover to her parents

20 DEC 2017 4:06 PM


Mimi Semakula and Matovu during their introduction ceremony

Mimi Semakula is the happiest person at the moment after finding new love following her bitter break-up with the 'Ekimonde' and the 'Apaana' singer, Tuff B.

The lil miss flight attendant, as she refers to herself over the weekend introduced lover to her parents, she could not hide her excitement.

"Yassssss that's a hug of a man who knows what he has. He has given me victory"


Bebe Cool performed some of his hit songs while artists like Leila Kayondo and Irene Ntale were quick to congratulate her. Just last year, Mimi shared a very touching story as you will see below, it looked like she had given up on these dating things, but from the time Matovu got to her world, life has been good.

Those are not decorated pots, but cakes by Bebe Cool's wife, Zuena Kirema. The 'Kakanya KaKanya' singer could not just let it go like that without a bit of praise to his wife and of course the nice Kampala cakes; "And when it comes to the taste, trust me they taste like the one who makes them, just sweet."

Meanwhile, If you fly with Qatar Airways from Ebb, you can be sure the 'lil miss flight attendant' will be at your service while on board.


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