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Eddy Sendi calls Moze Radio a 'little rat'

23 OCT 2017 8:40 AM

Eddy Sendi and MozeRadio still locking horns

The Geza Gezamu singer Moze Radio and renown music critic Eddy Sendi are still locking horns over the UPRS issue. When Moze Radio grabbed the mic from Sendi, the Dembe FM show host remained calm as the singer was uttering all sorts of words including calling him a cow.."Zino Ntte"..implying these are cows, they should not be talking.

During the Saturday Talk-And-Talk show on Dembe FM that has Eddy Sendi as one of the panelist, the 2 hour show was literally on Moze Radio's actions at the meeting which was supposed to be discussing a way forward on how to better Uganda Music.

Sendi started off by saying that after this show, he might not have access to the studios again because of what he was about to say.

"One fool, Moses Nakitinje who was drunk and smelling weed came out to humiliate me and some imps were supporting him. I'm ready to go with him to Butabika Hospital so that they subject the two of us to mental and drug use checks."

"Im kissing 35 years of experience, I'm well travelled, I employ people, how dare you embarass me like that!"

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 Moze Radio Nakitinje Sekibogo

Eddy Sendi went on to clarify on the allegations that Moze Radio made during the Thursday meeting at Laftaz when he implied that, Sendi was one of the top bosses at UPRS. "No I'm not one of the bosses, but I'm friends with the UPRS Chairman, Moses Matovu and the CEO, James Wasula."

To explain further why he was even addressing the artists on that day, Eddy Sendi said that he had been approached by star singer, Jose Chameleone to see how they could help to save Uganda music. They agreed that a meeting takes place so they could highlight the issues, and that is how the Laftaz meeting was convened.

When the meeting kicked off, the UPRS issue took center stage and that is how this 'Ngajaba', a rat that eats cats came to attack me.

Short of that, Sendi urged artists to join the collective society because it's the members who influence the way business is run, so he urged them to join in big numbers so they can influence decisions.

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