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Bryan White Foundation launched in Mbarara

13 MAR 2018 9:45 AM


Bryan White at Kacheka Stadium during the launch of the Bryan White Foundation

The Bryan White Foundation, an organization by city socialite, Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White was on Saturday launched in Mbarara at Kacheka Stadium.

A 30 ton truck with an assortment of items ranging from maize flour, mattresses, sanitary pads, detergents and cash money, of course, were given out.



Before settling at Kacheka Stadium, the socialite plus the artists signed with the organization were visiting hospitals and the patients there will forever be grateful to the pencil thin multi-tattooed socialite.

The theme of the organization is; "Awakening the youths from poverty."

Earlier on, Bryan White was asked why of all places he chose Mbarara to launch his foundation, he said that the people their asked him to.

DJ Michael, Weasel, Big Eye, Pallaso were some of the artists that entertained locals there doing the Kirimani song which has been composed specifically for Bryan White. Faded artist, Lady Mariam of the Tindatine fame also graced the event.


Bryan White has been a force to reckon with in the last six months, he has not given up on what he started doing, he gives out cash money to anyone with a noble cause, his offices are located on Musajja Alumbwa road in Rubaga.

These are some of the reviews off his wall; 

"Everything about you looks unreal, but I think you are a good person because not every rich man is willing to help. Thank you Brian for the good heart."

"This foundation has come at the right time to help the unemployed youth. Thanks Brian for the good idea."

"I think Bryan white is doing this out of a good heart and yes big up brother."


Inset is Bryan White at a hospital in Mbarara giving out goodies and cash money

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