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SK Mbuga talks about his detention in Dubai

13 APR 2018 8:55 AM


SK Mbuga has spoken on phone about his detention from a Dubai cell

SK Mbuga says he will be released soon. Speaking on phone while in a Dubai prison, Mbuga said Ugandan mafias who wanted to steal his properties were behind his arrest and detention in UAE.



I was heading to Uganda and on inserting my ID, the machine did not grant me access, so I was told to report at the Immigration desk where they asked for my passport.

It's there that they told me to report to the Police station 
(I went there by myself) and when I gave them my passport, they told me to hang on for a while.

They cross checked in their computers and noticed that I had issues which necessitated me to report to the CID, we went right there.

They asked me if I knew about a case in Sweden that involves a lot of money that went missing, I told them that I'm not aware of such a case.

The officers at the Dubai airport went on to say that supposing the case is real, are you willing to have it resolved, My reply was, Why Not!! Because I knew I was innocent and if they have any evidence about me in such a case, I'm willing to proceed with the case.

They cross checked in their database and found that my company which has been in existence since 2013 has no criminal record, so they communicated to the complainants that they have the person in their custody, the complainants did not respond after 15 days.

I could have been granted bail in the fifteen days, but my lawyer did not execute it well, so I decided to go on with the case, but to my utter shock, mafias in Uganda are behind this.

I will be released any minute from now, but I'm okay.  I have so far taken back over 20 Ugandans who were suffering here and my wife is very okay in Sweden and whatever happened was just a misunderstanding.

I'm coming back to deal with the mafias who wanted to steal my properties and other assets.


Herbert Shonga and Sheilat to formalize their affair

Dorothy Shonga in her ride and inset is her rival Sheilat Murungi

It's not news anymore that the once power couple of Dorothy and Herbert Shonga are no more, but what is cropping up is that the side chic, Sheilat Murungi, who led to their separation could be the official wife as Dorothy looks around for a good lawyer to pursue her divorce case.

Yesterday was Wednesday, which also means #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday), a hashtag on twitter that people use to tag those they admire and for Shonga, his WCW was Sheilat.

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