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The truth behind Chameleone's fake split with Daniella

Chameleone and his two sons in the US and Daniella back home

Chameleone and his two sons in the US and Daniella back home with their last born daughter, Xara Amani Mayanja

17 Sep 2018 10:11 AM @ugandaonline

Chameleone has been in the US with his two sons, Abba and Alfa, who happen to be September babies, they turned 13 and 10 respectively.

There was no better way of celebrating their special days with dad who is on tour in Europe. Abba's birthday was on Sept 2 while Alfa's was on September 14, 2018.

On top of the European tour, Chameleone will be having his concert later this year, but Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine seem to be dominating that space that otherwise would have been used to hype his forthcoming concert and shows, he decided to take this direction of; "I have split with Daniella."


Interestingly, Daniella deleted all her posts and just left 8 that include her children, and some of the postings were birthday messages to her boys who she was asking never to deviate from God if they wanted to go far in this world.

Well, this morning, Chameleone came with another post which was literally calling for all to be there come 7 December 2018;

"Daniella, If we could give the Same attention to positivity,We would be further than this!!! People got a lot of energy for negativity and less vibe for positivity!!

Shame on us in unison!!!! I am off to the next Colour!!!
Wamma Daniellla I love you my baby 7th | DEC | Lugogo Cricket Oval Stadium.

When he made the post yesterday about their split, he added this; "She’s done that so many times I am tired."

Yes, she has done that so many times and even when she did, Chameleone never came out publicly to announce, it was kept under wraps, but other parties let the cat out of the bag, and this time around, it was clear he was playing around.

The first time it happened, Chameleone had converted to Islam and on reuniting, he had to give his wife the Daniella Villas apartments to calm things down.

The next time, Daniella left home with all the children for some time and went back to her parents' home in Bbina, they later made up and are now blessed with 5 children, the youngest being six months.

So to all the Chameleone fans out there, be calm all is well. And when Daniella was asked about the split, her response was; "I don't discuss people I love," so the two are in love and not about to even give up on each other.

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