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This is why Diamond and Tanasha have deleted their pics from social media

December 18, 2018, 2:15 PM @ugandaonline

Diamond Platnumz and his lover, Tanasha Donna on a flight to Rwanda

Diamond Platnumz and his lover, Tanasha Donna on a flight to Rwanda

Tanasha Donna had started sharing pics of her and new lover Diamond Platnumz feeling lovey-dovey something that a section of followers, mostly from Tanzania did not take lightly, they responded to the pics in a manner that forced the Kenyan radio personality to go into hiding.

Tanasha and Diamond have chosen to keep their relationship out of the public eye as she explains;

"Just to make things clear, D and I came to a mutual understanding that it may be too soon to be public with our relationship on social media right now. So, we have decided to keep our relationship private for the moment until we feel like going public again. May God bless you all."

The two have now pulled down their pics and clips from their respective social media accounts after she failed to stand the heat from the comments.

What caused this?

Tanasha tried responding to those who were commenting on her affair with Platnumz that it was not real and it cannot be and even if it is, it cannot last looking at the singer's long list of failed previous relationships, citing some that lasted for over 10 years and children are involved, but did not work.

"What makes you think your affair will work, the Diamond we know simply has the love for his mom only, the rest is background noise," One commented.


Tanasha shoots back; 

"Irrespective of what you say, he is going to wife me. They don't understand what we have, they don't know that we didn't plan this, only God knows why he brought us together."

The power couple then went on to release their Mwanza pics that saw the Bongo star try out a quad bike for the very first time with Donna tightly holding on to him for safety, she was also armed with a bottle of her favorite drink in the other hand.

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Donna has never received the comments that followed in her Instagram life before, in the messages, they were suggesting that whatever these two were displaying was not real, some think this could be another Iyena video of sorts and are convinced this could be a video in the making.

In her message, Tanasha states that it might be too soon to go public with their relationship, but then again, that is the very reason they have been on her case and her responses have not made things any easier for her, thus opting to go private.

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This is coming hours after Diamond shared a clip displaying a wad of money from his Mwanza Wasafi Festival. The couple was in Rwanda yesterday where their flight was delayed. The power couple will exchange vows on Valentine's day.

Power couple goals - Diamond and Platnumz in Rwanda and Tanzania

In the above pics, Diamond is seen playing with his beau yesterday in Rwanda and on the right, the couple is seen walking hand in hand after arriving in Mwanza whethere they took their love to another level.

Diamond Platnumz and his new lover, Tanasha Donna

Now that the couple has decided to take their otherwise private matters out of the public eye, these could be the last set of pics for the couple together before they reconsinder this position.

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