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Weasel and Chagga to work together again

18 MAR 2018 11:45 AM


Weasel carrying a bag of posho at one of Bryan White Foundation activities

Weasel carrying out charity activities at a Bryan White Foundation event and on the right is Chagga who he fired on social media, but the two have now resolved to working together after a clip by the late Moze Radio put the record straight that, Chagga can't be fired.



Weasel fired his manager, Chagga, on the grounds that he was not allowing him to recover from the mourning process of his singing partner, Moze Radio, by wanting him to perform at various upcountry events.

When Chagga was fired via telly and social media, which seems to be the in thing lately, his camp rushed to the archives and retrieved a clip in which Moze Radio categorically stated that 'CHAGGA cannot be fired.'

And now, six weeks after his death, Weasel is firing Chagga. This upset Chagga so badly that he missed the fallen singer, he adds that whatever is going on currently, he is not resting well wherever he is.

Chagga, Weasel and Moze Radio have been working together way back from the times when Moze Radio and Weasel were still signed to Chameleone's Leone Island, but this clip of Moze Radio saying Chagga can't be fired has forced Weasel to rethink his actions.

On the hand, Bryan White seems to be making Weasel's recovery process more of a nightmare than many had thought. 


The 'Teri KuVa Ku Podium' issue that saw Weasel being belittled by the loaded socialite is still fresh in people's minds and now, Weasel is seen carrying a bag of Maize flour on his head all in the name of Bryan White charity activities has left many of the RAW fans disturbed, the vast majority say this is unacceptable, but Weasel thinks otherwise.

Chagga who could by now be guiding him on what and what not to do has been ''FIRED'' and the Wiggle singer has a lot of "podium" activities to fulfill under the Bryan White Foundation not forgetting, he signed a five year contract.


Last night was the prestigious Hipipo Music Awards at Serena Hotel and very many awards were won by Radio and Weasel, but Weasel was conspicuously missing from the awarding event.

A group of unknown guys showed up on stage to pick up the first award, little did they know that Chagga was in the house, he came walking with a lot of swagg clad in a black T-shirt with the RAW (Radio and Weasel) initial in reggae colors inscribed on it, he looked at the guys who had picked up the trophy, they very quickly surrendered the trophy to him.

Sources close to the Chagga camp intimate that the two are back to working together and the Moze Radio clip saying Chagga can't be fired must have accelerated this. 

Weasel will in two weeks time be performing at Regency Hall in North London.

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