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Bobi Wine cries foul over his banned concerts

December 19, 2018, 10:30 AM @ugandaonline

Hon. Kyagulanyi VS. Bobi Wine

In one of the pics, all eyes on Hon. Kyagulanyi while on the floor of the Ugandan parliament and in the other, Bobi Wine is performing at his Kyarenga concert, but ever since then, it has not been business as usual

It is this time of the year when artistes all over the country are busy and the top ones like Bobi Wine very busy, but all his shows have been blocked in what authorities say he failed to separate between Bobi Wine the artist and Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi the legislator.

The Kyadondo East legislator took to the floor of parliament to express his dissatisfaction with the way he was being stopped to do his job of close to 20 years with the latest being in Jinja where he was stopped from performing.

"Madam speaker, I am not allowed to even attend church..."

The Dad of four asked why other legislators are able to go about with their chores and not him. In the house, the Minister of Security, General Elly Tumwine, was tasked by the Speaker of Parliament to explain to the house why Hon. Ssentamu is not able to attend church or organize his functions.

"Hon. Ssentamu will be my witness. When he came to parliament as a musician, I had a discussion with him in the lobby, I asked him a question, How will you balance your music from the politics?"


Promoters suing the top police bosses

Concert promoters are now suing the top police bosses for halting shows that Bobi Wine was supposed to be performing at during this festive season. The promoters will this Friday go to court demanding for an explanation from the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola and his deputy Brig. Sabiiti Muzeeyi on why all this is happening.

The promoters are counting losses after several of their shows that were long paid for hang in the balance because Bobi Wine is the lead performer. 

Just recently, one lady promoter, Sarah Nasuna, blacked out when she learnt that Bobi Wine was not allowed to perform at her event and yet she had put her house as collateral for the loan she got hoping to recoup from the show that never was.The promoters add that they have been dealing with Bobi Wine from the time they were paying him 20k for his first song, Akagoma to now Kyarenga where he earns 200Million, we are not politicians, we are only businessmen looking at making an extra penny out there. 

It all started with the Kyarenga concert, which was disrupted over the venue and the dates in which it was to take place, and when they eventually allowed him to perform, he seemed like he was campaigning, according to Tamale Mirundi, so there is no way they can allow him to perform when you abuse the President. 

"Bobi Wine is responsible for his problems, for example, if a Traffic police woman is your girlfriend and you separate, what would stop her from impounding your car if she finds it not road worthy?"

"Bobi Wine could have just concentrated on his music and also told his supporters that this is purely music and not politics and do exactly that, but the moment he involves politics, that could easily be interpreted as early campaigning," Tamale Mirundi noted during his One-on-One show on NBS TV yesterday.

Matters are made worse that even at his One Love Beach, no shows are supposed to take place there including him performing, his employees at the Busabala based beach were equally demonstrating over the disruption that has resulted in delayed or no salary at all.    

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