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Jimmy Taylor, the Grand Imperial hotel boxer, arrested

Pastor Jimmy Tailor raining blows on a Grand Imperial Hotel staff
Jimmy Tailor raining blows at a hotel staff in Kampala and on right is the American after he was arrested for assault and malicious damage.

19 Aug 2018 1:35 AM @ugandaonline

Jimmy Taylor is the pastor who was raining blows on a Grand Imperial Hotel staff, but after the footage went viral, police swung into action arresting the pensioner, but it was not easy according to a source from Uganda Police.

"Upon police efforts to effect his arrest, turned rowdy and spat on the officers, he also tried to disarm the policemen."



Social media was awash with a disturbing video of an American national who was raining blows on a Grand Imperial hotel receptionist.

In the video making rounds online, Taylor jumps over the counter and breaks a glass as the hotel receptionist only identified as Francis takes off for his dear life.

Taylor pursued him all the way to the hotel lobby where he started raining blows to the hotelier who was calm and composed, but tactfully dodging all the punches the pensioner was sending.

It was good that the Grand Imperial Hotel staff did not retaliate, because drunk as Jimmy Taylor was, one punch would easily black him out.

Luckily for the victim (Francis), the entire scene was being captured on CCTV which will be very helpful in pinning the pensioner on assault charges.

"You hate Jesus, you hate yourself, you hate me...!
F*** Uganda, I've come to help Uganda, but this ___ hates Jesus."

"The hotelier tried to walk away from Taylor, but he punched him on the head saying that Jesus is tired of God damn disobedience."

Taylor told one of the security officers who tried to tell him to calm down that; "No you calm up.." It was a difficult time for the hotel staff, but they pulled it off so well, because it could have been a different story had the attacked man retaliated.

The video that went viral attracted the intervention of the police, who were quick to swing into action and arrested the American national who is now battling with assault charges and malicious damage.

Video of Pastor Jimmy Taylor assaulting Francis of Grand Imperial Hotel

Police have issued a statement

"Kampala Police has arrested an American citizen for allegedly assaulting a Grand Imperial Hotel Staff.

Footage from security television cameras installed showed a foreigner, identified later as Mr Jimmy L. Taylor punching and humiliating a hotel employee.

Upon police efforts to effect his arrest Taylor spat on, turned rowdy, uncontrollable and tried to disarm policemen.

During the questioning, the American National confessed to having attacked the victim. He claimed an illness caused him to suffer stress that drove him to attack the hotel staff.

The suspect who claims to be a missionary and an ex US Marine is currently detained at Central Police Station Kampala on charges of assault and malicious damage as investigations are ongoing."

Several artists stand with, Bobi Wine, call for his release

Bobi Wine and Barbie during the happy times

Bobi Wine and Barbie during the happy times and in the background is Bobi Wine's Tundra where his driver was shot from.

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