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Zari converts to Christianity after breaking up with Platnumz

20 APR 2018 2:34 AM


Zari converts to Christianity from Islam



Zari converts to Christianity after breaking up with Platnumz

Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan, has converted to Christianity two months after breaking up with her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

The mom of five was last Sunday spotted at a church in South Africa clad in a maroon top and a long huge creme skirt that almost covered her heels.

"All my days are for God, but Sunday I go all out.... #Church."

"Because of You God, I always manage..... I don't know how but I do. All because of You. #Grateful," Zari, who is currently in TZ on a business trip noted.

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Her ex-husband, Ivan Semwanga (RIP) was a Christian and she had always wished he was Muslim, it's no wonder when she broke up with him, two of the three lovers, Farouk and Diamond Platnumz were Muslims. 

The socialite has now converted to Christianity from Islam and one of the reasons her fans are citing is the issue of four wives, Zari, cannot share her man and the moment she finds out, a black rose will be served.

It should be recalled that during the time when Diamond Platnumz accepted responsibility for Hamisa Mobetto's child, the Africa Beauty singer noted that after all, the religion allowed him four, he was free to add two more women something that Zari could not stand.

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Meanwhile, as Zari opted out of the Diamond love circus, Hamisa Mobetto is doing just fine with everything around her and baby daddy if the threesome clip that the singer shared and later got him arrested is anything to go by. 


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