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Cindy's views after releasing her latest Onnina song

20 MAY 2018 3:40 PM @ugandaonline


Cindy is bitter about those not appreciating talent


Cindy #TheKingHerself as she refers to herself lately is not very happy and her reasons are tagged to those not appreciating talent.

The mom of one released her second song this year, which is a love song dubbed 'Onnina', she wrote it and adds that; 

"When you find yourself hugging his clothes when he's away, then, you know he has you, Akulina."

The Onnina song was first shared on her wall on April 16, and three weeks later, it had 7 shares and 9 comments, 4 of the comments were from the same person.


That observation and others have forced her to react this way; 

"It is the year 2018 when you don't have to have any talent or skill to be played on Tv or trend on social media or win a local award.

"You just need to have money and the will to sacrifice. These days if you want to see real talent in any industry you have to go look for it yourself, otherwise, all you will get is hype and lies that have been paid for."

She concludes; 

"I salute all journalists, presenters, bloggers, fans, who are still real and have respect for real art and talent."

Iryn Namubiru - "Releasing a song became an economically violent business.."


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