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Chameleone adds a Land Cruiser V8 worth Ugx 430Million to his fleet

December 22, 2018, 2:36 AM @ugandaonline

Chameleone adds a white Land Cruiser V8 to his fleet

Days after his Legend Saba Saba concert, Chameleone has acquired a moving house, a VX V8

"Legend or Saba Saba private number plates should be considered for Chameleone's new ride," a fan suggested.

"Everything is possible if you don’t give up on God! 2019 is the year for you and me," Chameleone noted while sharing the pic of the white SUV that was in Busia by yesterday.

"As long as you give your life to God the Glory, his hand is plentiful and it's only him that can lift you any time," The Tatizo singer added.

As one of the top dogs in the Uganda music industry, they've always had monster rides, though, Chameleone and Bobi Wine's Escalades have since disappeared from the radar while Bebe Cool still has his Hummer3.

The V8 VX ride that can pass for a moving house comes with 6 airbags, parking sensor, 8-speed and a full time 4WD. It is a 5.7 liter, it is the very ride that Diamond Platnumz bought recently.


A reconditioned Land Cruiser V8 would go for $76,563  plus $39,781 for taxes costing you approximately Ugx 429,617,671/-

His wife, Daniella Atim Mayanja, was among those who responded with; Amen to the caption announcing the good news.

Daniella was since joined by others that include fellow artists, TV presenters among others.

The Osobola singer, Leila Kayondo, was able to acknowledge  that it was indeed a monster ride.

RnB Kyabazinga, Maro and Gospel artist, Exodus joined the rest in congratulating the singer.

His manager, Nkuke Roberts, can’t wait to be the singer's driver.

TV personalities, MC Kats and Douglas Lwanga responded with Amen to Chamili's post, but one fan is praying that this should be the singer's choice of words when looking for a private number plate.

"Please, if you are to put on a private number plate, it should be  "Legend Sabasaba," Bean Muha commented.

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