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Chameleone's wife, Daniella, shows off her painted body

24 MAR 2018 7:45 PM


Pregnant Daniella Atim shares her painted body pics

Of all the wives to the artists, Daniella used to be the reserved type and not on social media, but not anymore, she shared her pregnant pics of her body painted in reggae colors



She used to be the type that used not to embrace social media, but not anymore, Daniella Atimango Mayanja has left many in shock after her latest pregnancy photo shoot pics that involved showing off her bod.

In one of the pics, the mom of four who is expecting her fifth child is seated and in the other pic, she stands while covering her lower body.

"You're a star," Chameleone notes.

"Wooooooooow. My beautiful Dannie," Leila Kayondo adds.

Of course, Daniella had to come under fire with this set of pics considering that she had for long kept a low profile and not on social media, but this was her response; ; 

"They can’t stand the way we stand “firm”....even after a couple of awesome kids, of course.tag a proud mama celebrating womanhood and Africanism everyday."

The above caption was with a set of four young ladies who Daniella was comparing with that in spite of her four children, she still looks like a sweet sixteen.

In the pics that Mama Abba shared, the body paintings are in reggae colors starting with the shoulders covering all the way down.

Daniella is currently in the US where she will be giving birth. This is definitely a special baby considering that unlike other children, this one will be born in the US and of course the first pregnancy shots Daniella is sharing to this extent.


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