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Prince Wassajja, Iryn Namubiru survive as scores are feared dead in boat accident

The Earthwise boat that capsized and some of the victims

Inset is the boat that capsized and some of the victims. Prince Wasajja (Hat) and Iryn Namubiru are among the survivors. In this pic, most of them are not in lifesavers jackets and are armed with glasses of liquor

25 Nov 2018 4:44 AM Edited 29 Nov 2018 PM @ugandaonline

On Saturday afternoon, revelers including Prince Wasajja and Iryn Namubiru set off for a boat cruise party that would see some popular artistes perform. 

The blue boat named 'MV Templar' and owned by a one Templar who was on board with his wife set off from KK-Beach in Gaba at about 6:00pm heading to K-Palm Beach in Mukono. 

Some of the folks who had been left behind got onto a speed boat to catch up with their colleagues on the cruise, they did also not make it as the boat hit an object leaving many to drown in the process.

Most of them did not have lifesaver jackets as most survivors were saved by the fishmongers.

It is said that the boat cruise had over 80 people, according to one of the survivors who knew how to swim. He swam and went on top of the boat where he was for at least 25 minutes before being rescued. Overloading caused the accident.


Uganda Marine Police confirm that it has saved over 40 and recovered at least 10 bodies. 

"Our marine unit teams have rescued over 40 people alive. Ten confirmed dead. The rescue mission is still on to find others, details to follow," Uganda Police tweeted.

According to latest reports, the number of the dead is now 21.

Some of the notables who were on the K-Palm Boat cruise that has left many dead include; Chuck Brian (Juliana Kanyomozi’s bestie) who is believed to be among the dead according to Jose Chameleone’s condolence message. 

Desire Luzinda’s baby daddy, John Kaddu, was equally on the cruise as seen in one of the pics chatting with Iryn Namubiru. “Please tell me Michelle’s dad is okay,” Desire asks Iryn, who is equally not herself as she is still recovering from the trauma.

Rescue efforts are still on-going though the timing has made it very difficult, had it been during day, the number of survivors would have been much more than it is.

Iryn Namubiru and Desire Luzinda's baby daddy, John Kaddu

Iryn Namubiru and Desire Luzinda's baby daddy and Prince Wasajja were among the survivors.

Desire Luzinda's baby daddy, John Kaddu, was also on board and survived unlike Michael Kaddu

Uganda Police Force has been commended for a job well done following the rescue operations.


From the bodies so far retrieved, this yet to be identified guy (L) who many were confusing for Mith the Rapper was among. Mith has tweeted about it confirming that he is very alive and was not on the boat cruise either.

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