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Deported Don Bahati blames Ugandans for his woes

25 MAR 2018 1:45 AM


Don Bahati deported from Zambia

Siraje Kasamba Lubega aka Don Bahati Lubega, the new tycoon who tried assuming the late Ivan Semwanga's spending ways has been deported from Zambia.

It is slightly over a week when Don Bahati was deported over what he terms as a setup by Ugandans working with the Zambian police.

"My people, the truth about my problems in Zambia is not about me having problems with Immigration or bad manners, or doing fraud."



"It's all about my businesses, accusations of me taking a woman from them 5 years back and my fame, they are now trying to put me down. They paid Zambian Immigration officials who in turn asked me to leave.."

Early this month, authorities in Zambia swung into action, arresting 40 Ugandans that included Don Bahati in what they termed as a gathering by herbalists to elect new office bearers.

On being released, which now turns out that he had been deported, Bahati revealed that they had convened for a wedding meeting and not electing Sangoma office bearers like the authorities had stated. 

So it was not wedding meeting as you had noted earlier? One asked.

"It was a setup for the meeting," Lubega responded.

Deported from an African country sounds like a curse!! One noted.

"Really, this is sad bro, you should have contacted me while in Zambia we would have moved the mountain using immigration connections."

"I have been in prison, Kabwata and Chelston police stations 
all of this year, they didn't give me any chance without any charges"

Today marks one year since the passing of Ivan Semwanga, may his soul rest in eternal peace, he left an indelible mark on the Uganda showbiz scene.

Others who had tried to remain relevant along those lines have all been humbled leaving behind one man, Bryan White, standing. 


Over 40 Ugandan herbalists arrested in Zambia

Don Bahat parks by the road side to enjoy his lager

Don Bahati celebrates freedom after release from jail

Don Bahati Lubega celebrates being released from jail

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