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Desire Luzinda reveals why she looks fabulous at '25'

25 Jun 2018 8:56 AM @ugandaonline

Desire Luzinda at 33 looks like she is 25 and this is what she is doing to look this fabulous, no wonder for over 9 years, the mom of one celebrated her 25th birthday...


Desire Luzinda reveals the secrets to her young looks


The mom of one has resorted to cycling lately and when you think about it, this is what she does to look younger looking at the benefits of cycling.

"Today I faced one of my fears #cycling, " She captioned the pics.

Cycling keeps the doctor at bay and this is Desire's long term goal and that's not all, by cycling, she is also controlling her gym wallet membership.

Other cycling benefits include better s3x drive and for men over 50 who cycle at least 3 times a week have a 30 percent lower risk of impotence compared to their counterparts who do little exercise.

Its true running burns weight, but a bike does it better, so if you were thinking of losing weight, you could as well try cycling

The next time you see Desire performing in stage and she is pulling those rare strokes of babes 10 years younger, you now know the trick she is using.


Desire Luzinda resorts to cycling to look younger

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