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Bebe Cool's take on Bobi Wine's concert being cancelled

December 27, 2018, 12:36 PM @ugandaonline

Yellow berret VS. the Red berret

In the yellow berret is Bebe Cool and in the red berret is Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine is counting losses after his concert was cancelled yesterday, but on the other hand, Bebe Cool's Tondeka Ekiwatule Mutima Gwa Zaabu concert was sold out and in his words, the 'Wasibukawa' singer uses the word Kyarenga to define how successful it was. Sold out he adds.

On the sides of the Mutima Gwa Zaabu concert, Bebe Cool was asked what he thought about Bobi Wine's concert being cancelled and this was his take; 

"I am not happy with what has happened to Bobi Wine, but I think if he had done it the way I and others do it, I'm sure there would be no problem. Several artistes are performing right now and they all have clearance papers."


"He was warned before his Kyarenga concert not to politicize his shows. We are all not above the law and I for one, I get my shows cleared way in good time and I have all my clearance documents for the past years."

"I personally know the President, but I still seek clearance. I would advise Bobi Wine to trim his wings a little bit and calm down, let him be the parent who has children to feed as opposed to this young proud man, those are two different people."

"Going forward, we are all grown up and I clearly see what Bobi Wine is doing, I pray for him, but we should follow the law."

And that was his take on Bobi Wine's concert being cancelled, but the dad of six was concerned that journalists were seeking for his side of the story and yet they never posed the same questions to Bobi Wine when he was pelted with bottles

"Naye muli wano mujejembukirako olwa kavulu kamu kebaymiriza ako mulenzi, kati ye yanni, Nze siri muna Uganda?"

"Do you think my children feed on are here yapping that my concert is on, yes it is on because I have a blessing from the people, I give back to the people and I follow the law."

Going forward, you journalists had better put equal platforms, the questions you ask me should as well be put to him. You are asking me what I feel about his concert being cancelled, go ahead and ask him what he felt when his fans pelted me with bottles, I will be waiting for his response," Bebe Cool concluded.

Bobi Wine battles police as his concert is cancelled

Bobi Wine facing off with police at his One Love Beach

Bobi Wine facing off with police at his One Love Beach after his concert was cancelled

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