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Jack Pemba says he is not the man in the video

27 APR 2018 2:16 AM


Honey Suleman, Abryanz boss and Jack Pemba


My name is Jackson Akim Pemba, I’m a businessman, sports philanthropist and humanitarian, more importantly though, I’m a husband and a father. Because of my philanthropic activities and my social life I am aware that the media has taken a deep interest in my life.

There is currently a court case in which I am involved with a fellow businessman that has caught the media’s attention. The real background to that case is very different from what has been portrayed in the media, I will not discuss the details because the case is currently in court and I am advised by my lawyers that such matters cannot be discussed in the public.

I respect the Courts and will therefore wait until a decision comes from the Court before I can comment on that transaction.

I will however talk about a recent video that has been circulating on social media and an alleged apology about the video that came out on Facebook, I want to say in the strongest terms that I AM NOT the person in the video that is going around.

I also want to say that I did not make any apology on a Facebook as that is a fake account operated by impostors. I repeat the Facebook account is fake and I'm not the person in the s#x video, I am currently out of the country on a business trip, then will return to clarify these issues, thank you very much, for people who know me, they know Iam not that type of person.

Meanwhile, Honey Suleman, who is currently in TZ waiting for the storm to calm down had this to say; 

"He still has more videos, but he told me that he had deleted them. Iam a 21-year-old, and he is an old man, why is tarnishing my name, what does he want? I was in love when the videos were recorded, but we separated six months back."


Jack Pemba speaks out on the leaked Honey Suleman clips

Jack Pemba sandwiched

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