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Moze Radio was the last one, Chameleone warns killers

4 FEB 2018 1:32 AM


Chameleone speaking at Moze Radio's funeral in Nakawuka-Kagga
Moze Radio was buried in military fatigue and so was Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso who came dressed in camouflage

Moze Radio was laid to his final resting place on Saturday at Nakawuka-Kagga, the place was filled with goons who made life very difficult for those who tried recording the proceedings, they could hit you and off they take off with your phone.

Mourners were seen taking off through the neighboring plantains for safety, the goons were way too many and were even throwing stones at the police officers.


Chameleone who was clad in military fatigue got the mic and warned those who had made it a habit to belittle artists and to the killers, he said that their time was up;

"Initially, they killed AK47, we kept quiet and then you came back and took Danz Ku Mapeesa, you left us mourning and now, you've taken Moze Radio."

"This should stop, enough is enough," he concluded.

He also warned of those writing trash about musicians citing when they wrote that he had stolen money from socialite Bryan White.

Chameleone, Juliana, Weasel and Kenyan MP and artist, Jaguar

During the vigil at Kololo on Friday night that saw all artists unite and perform mostly Radio and Weasel songs, Chameleone told the mourners the last words he discussed with the late Moze Radio who he was referring to as King Moses.


"We spoke at length with King Moses at his last performance at Club Amnesia. For instance, news men wrote that I stole Bryan White's money, Radio died because of you guys."

"You are the one's to help, I'm on my knees, calm down, don't expose our weaknesses."

"You made life difficult for Bobi Wine, he went into politics, we have our weaknesses, but please be calm," Chameleone who was on his knees pleaded.

However, the fans have told him to refer to the words that the Moze Radio requiem mass preacher said, they will be very helpful and to a great extent reduce on the otherwise preventable deaths that are occurring among artists.



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