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TV host, Fifi Da Queen, fights Eddy Sendi over Qute Kaye

06 Jun 2018 1:55 AM @ugandaonline

The Qute Kaye saga has left TV and Radio personalities divided with the latest being Bukedde TV's Fifi Da Queen and 90.4 Dembe FM's Eddy Sendi who have since derailed from the issue at hand and gone personal..


Eddy Sendi and Fifi Da Queen go personal over the issue of Qute Katye


The issue of Qute Kaye being got red handed with a stolen car part might have cooled down as he has reaped from the problem after the Sure Deal boss, Maria Prossy Namwanje, came to his rescue, Kaye has also recorded a song dubbed 'Ndi Mulalu' in the process.

Radio and TV personalities are still divided over the matter. Music critic, Eddy Sendi has received a fair share for his views on the Qute Kaye saga, first it was Toolman Kibalama and now, Bukedde TV host, Fiona Nabitengelo aka Fifi Da Queen.

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Fifi disagreed with Eddy Sendi claiming that he(Qute Kaye) is not to blame for what happened, instead, promoters are to blame, she singled out Eddy Sendi, but the Talk-N-Talk show host could not allow her, he used his wall and later his Saturday radio slot on 90.4 Dembe FM to tell her off, though he went personal.

"Fifi does not know who the right father of her daughter is as she was involved in multiple relationships," Sendi noted.

"That man is about to get grandchildren, but has done nothing developmental and yet we the young one's have done so much for ourselves," Fifi shot back.

Meanwhile, as all this is going on, Qute Kaye is busy networking with his new found friends, recording new music and less bothered about what happened to him a few days back.

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