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Mixed reactions over Kasuku-Moze Radio talk

7 FEB 2018 11:30 PM


Mixed reactions over Moze Radio remarks on now the late Moze Radio

Isaac Katende aka Kasuku armed with a drink that cause Moze Radio problems

Dembe FM and Spark TV host Isaac Katende aka Kasuku has two petitions running concurrently with one by Frank Gashumba calling on all concerned to sign the petition to have Kasuku fired from Nation Media for utterances he made nine months back.


Unfortunately for him, Moze Radio's death was similar to what he had talked about nine months back.

On February 1, 2018, the Goodlyfe singer, Moze Radio, died from injuries he sustained in a bar brawl from Entebbe.

It was a coincidence that Moze Radio's death turned out the way Kasuku was chatting 6 months back.

Below are some of the responses with some siding with Kasuku while others think, he needs to scale down.


Brian McKenzie - "Mr Frank Gashumba please leave Kuku Wazabanga a.k.a Kasuku Alone. You of all people should not be fighting freedom of speech.

Can't believe am writing this, I will not say am a big fan of either of you, am not a fan of politics or gossip, but I support the fact that you have the right to say what you want to say and the way you want to. Regardless of if you are a fan or not. Frank, many of us respect you just because you speak your mind."

Boma Moses - "While it is improper for anyone to infringe on another's freedom, as individuals, we ought to understand the limits of any such freedoms. Gashumba is out of order, but kasuku being on radio, ought to exercise proper judgement! You never know who is listening, or how they perceive your sayings. The best path to charter is that of objectivity anything less leaves you vulnerable, such as is the case with Kasuku. Let's strive to be objective...especially in a sensitive 
time like this!"

Stella Nyanzi - I find Frank Gashumba's present efforts both misguided and repressive.

Why fire a radio presenter for doing his job on radio? Why gag a Ugandan citizen paid to speak to the masses? Kasuku's freedom of expression must be protected. Kasuku's right to employment must be respected. Rather than being witch-hunted for allegedly being a witch, Kasuku should be thanked for daring to caution celebs against violent lifestyles. If Kasuku's employers are being pressured to fire him, will Fwaaza Kiibi also be fired from the church for cautioning many celebs about their violent lifestyles? Double standards just!


Kieran Suubi - If I was Kasuku's employer, he would be getting promoted by now. His foresight and braveness to advise people when they're going astray, is enough to know he's a piece of something to society. We praise Aristotle and Roseau, and nailing Kasuku? Come on people!!!!!!



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Frank Gashumba wants Isaack Katende aka Kasuku fired for utterances

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