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Juliana comes to the rescue of promoter Balaam

10 FEB 2018 7:10 PM


Juliana Kanyomozi comes to teh rescue of promoter Balaam after he was accused ot misappropriating funds

Juliana Kanyomozi and promoter Balaam  Baruhagara

The family of the late singer Moze Radio has warned promoter Balaam Barugahara to stay away from them. 

They accuse him of failing to account for the money he got to organize the burial. Frank Sekibogo, a brother to Moze Radio,  while addressing the media in Kagga-Nakawuka accused Balaam of plotting to sell the deceased's property and give part of the money to Jeff Kiwa, who happens to be the duo's former manager.


"We thought he was a total friend, he is the only person I allowed in the Intensive Care Unit as deceased was being treated, but it has come out that he is a traitor conniving with Jeff to sell off the property.

Bryan White gave him Shs 10million, but what did he do with it? There was no stage in Kagga, the sound system was poor, the chairs and tents were not enough, this was part of the reason the crowd became unruly.

Balam was able to respond to some of the allegations and in his response he said that the land where Moze Radio was buried is owned by four people, but did not delve into the details.

He also noted that the family did not have a single coin and instead of appreciating, they are paying him with accusations of misappropriating money.

Balaam also labored to explain how he used what he got plus sharing receipts on social media, he also noted that there is still an outstanding balance yet to be paid and yet he used his very own money to the tune of Shs 3million to cover some of the costs at the Kololo Vigil.

When this got to singer Juliana Kanyomozi, who also was faced with a similar incident, she said it can't be true; 

"My brother Balaam. You have the biggest heart I’ve ever seen. You are so selfless. I experienced your kind heart first hand in 2014. When my world literally fell apart, you swooped in like Superman and handled everything. Don’t be discouraged, don’t ever change. We appreciate you. You are God sent."

"You are my most wonderful sister I will never let people suffer when am living, I promise and for those Rasta Boys I will forgive them, my lord knows me and he will bless and protect me always. Thank you everyone who has supported me and I promise never to disappoint me at any given time, " Balaam 


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