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Vera Sidika goes back to original color after skin bleaching

July 10, 2019, 7:53 PM @ugandaonline

The three versions of Vera Sidika

The three versions of Vera Sidika - On the right is the Kenyan socialite before bleaching and in the middle is her look six days back and on the left is her latest look

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is back from the UK where she had gone for the reversal of her skin bleaching.

The Mombasa born socialite had a dark complexion in the year 2013, but a year later, she had changed her original coloration to a lighter complexion. It cost her Kshs 15 Million which is currently over UGX 500Million though she spent UGX 420 Million at the time.

"Never be defined by your past, it was just a lesson, not a life sentence. Feels good to be back!!! Black don’t crack," Vera Sidika captioned her new look.


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It all started on (June 13) when she shared a pic clad in a two piece bikini striking a pose on a quad bike, her toes looked different from the rest of the body attracting online trolls to be on her case.

On (June 20) The video vixen told her followers on IG that she will be sharing some good news pretty soon, no doubt, the good news is out already, Vera Sidika is happy to get back to her dark skin complexion.

Her body that she refers to as 'Saba Saba' is her business as she confirms while commenting on her recent skin bleaching reversal.

"I did it the right way… I used the right procedure. I had a great dermatologist from the UK. My body is my business, and it’s a money maker. I said if I have to do it (skin lightening), it has to be great. It has to be right." 

Vera Sidika's new look has been received with mixed reactions, especially from those who had never interacted with the Kenyan socialite before bleaching.

"You look different I prefer the lighter you. Hope it's just make-up, not the real skin tan."

"You're really full of surprises and I like it. You look stunning in both skin tones, but something inside me tells me this change won't last."

"Those products are too expensive you cannot use them for life, good move Kenyan girl."

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Some of her fans are not convinced she has undergone a tan of sorts, at least, from their comments;

"Something is going on here, maybe she started using some fake phone causing the other photos to look light, but this time she looks very dark."

"I don't understand this you were light and you became dark I don't understand ooooo."

"Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE even the word itself says (I'm Possible) You look beautiful wit Dem dark skin."

"I told my friends that Vera has a dark twin sister."

Some of Vera Sidika's last pics in her bleached complexion

Some of Vera Sidika's last pics in her bleached complexion. Inset is her new look

Vera Sidika has been there and decided to make a U-Turn confirming that Black is beautiful.

However, looking at Vera Sidika's pics before bleaching and the pics after her skin bleaching reversal, the socialite has failed to get back to her original color, but she is in touch with her UK based dermatologist to see her through the transformation.

Vera will now be doing more sunbathing to expose her skin to sunlight for the production of melanin, the substance that makes the skin appear darker.

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