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Zari lands an ambassadorial toothbrush deal after her braces removal

November 16, 2019 10:10 PM @ugandaonline

Zari's face is making money already as an ambassador for some products, and now, following her orthodontic treatment, she has put pen on paper for a toothbrush company AD that kicks off next year.

Zari is the happiest woman after completing her orthodontic treatment

Zari is the happiest woman after she signed a toothbrush AD deal on completing her orthodontic treatment, her braces will be removed next month...

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Business it is. Zari has been through a lot with trolls who have been on her case for wearing braces, but the "momprenuer" as she prefers to call herself is doing her last days with the braces and the good news is, she has got herself a toothbrush deal for her new look.

Zari has been undergoing orthodontic treatment for some time now, but the wait is over and the time to remove her braces is around the corner.

The mom of five will have the braces removed next month and top on her to do list is whitening her teeth. Many of her fans have been longing to see the Zari smile that could have her teeth exposed, but that never came easily as Mama5 always covered up.

That will soon be a thing of the past as she is all set to smile again after her braces are removed next month. 2020 will not find Zari with orthodontic archwires.

Yesterday, the South Africa based Ugandan socialite was hanging with her close pal called Noma as they enjoyed champagne on a sunny afternoon, but Noma's contagious smile made her look forward to having her smile back;

 "Soon I'll be smiling like Noma." Zari noted.

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"Anyways, next month I'll be taking out my braces and whitening my teeth, thanks to my orthodontist..."

"Do you realize that you still look great even when you smile with braces on," One commented.


Over and above that, Zari did not have kind words for those she termed as her "Neighbors" who discouraged her from wearing the braces claiming they were for under 15s.

"About some years ago I started wearing my braces and my "neighbors" said I was too old claiming that it was for kids under 15 ... "

The Brooklyn CEO went on to tell her close to 7Million followers that they should live their lives provided they do it responsibly.

In her message, Zari adds that if she had paid attention to what the "neighbors" were saying, maybe she could have lost out on the big smile that she will be wearing in the coming days.

Zari and her friend Noma...

 "Soon I'll be smiling like Noma." Zari noted.

"Moral of the story, don't let people decide how you live your life, do what you want, what suits you, your lifestyle and so on coz you and you alone is living your life when the Lord calls that day. It's you alone and non of these social media doctors, teachers, lawyers, life advisors will bail you. Live your life as you please, but with precaution."

As Zari continued to enjoy her champagne with Noma, she informed her fans that she had clinched a toothbrush AD for the coming year.

"Please; I have a toothbrush AD 2020."

Zari is a brand ambassador for #Kleesoft which is a washing powder, she is also a brand ambassador for #SoftcarePads #Softcareadiapers, and now, the toothbrush ad for a yet to be known company is added on her CV, talk of some guys having all the luck like British rock singer, Rod Stewart puts it.


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