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Dorah Mwima responds to claims that Ethan is not Mowzey's child

February 6, 2019, 9:10 AM @ugandaonline

Dorah Mwima, Ethan and her husband Barrak

Dorah Mwima, Ethan and her hubby Nader Barrak

Following her revelation that she was the mother of the late Moze Radio's son, this has since triggered a strong backlash with some circles claiming that is not the late singer's son, instead he is a son to her previous Kenyan lover who passed on.

The ex beauty queen had some responses;

"It's a shame how badly some fellow women would want to put down another woman at any given cost."

Well, I beat you all to your pathetic game even though you are still out there playing emotionally, judging me and doing whatever it is to try and bring me down.

Let me be very clear about this: I AM NOT SHAKEN AND I WON'T BE MOVED!!! I will only do what I believe is the best for my kids and not what you believe was or is the best for my kids.

"In the end they are and will always be my son's family and as I said before "I just hope that if one day Ethan DECIDES to go meet them, I hope their doors will be open"

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"And now to my dear fellow women who called me a b----h and have been acting all emotional as if they care: Never forget that you are not and will never be the authors of my life journey. So don't try and give yourselves that authority just because you feel like it might give you some kind of gratification or relevancy in my life or that of my family. "

"When your time comes, I just hope and pray that you won't be afraid to face the truth as I have and in case you can't face it, remember there once lived a young woman named Dorah Mwima who was once in the same or similar situation but came out victorious!"

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"I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has reached out to me during this tough and bold step that I decided to take."

"Ethan, thanks you as well and trust me, he has read all the positive vibes that have been coming his way and our way.
We truly take pride knowing that there are so many people out there who are rooting for us and are praying for us as we continue living in this "crazy world". 

"Thank you for showing his baby boy so much love on his behalf and thank you for not judging him or me. If this is to give any of you any satisfaction, we got our heads up high and we will keep strong as a family through all this."

Sheila Gashumba reaches out to Dorah Mwima

Stay strong Dora!! Ladies must pick a leaf from you than try to shame you down, but you know what, you can’t even blame because all they know is creating fake news and drama!! It’s rare to find a woman in 2019 that is drama free like you. 

Keep your head high, love your husband for always being there for you and keep up being a good mother to your children like you have always been, anyone else shouldn’t matter. Love you always and you know that I hope women learn to be more graceful like you Sending you tons of loveeeeeee

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