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Bad Black in tears as Pretty Glo escapes from Rehab

March 11, 2019, 11:52 AM @ugandaonline

Bad Black shocked after Pretty Glo vaished from a rehab centre

Pretty Glo escaped from Rehab after Bad Black paid Shs 6Million 

Ex-convict, Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black is not very amused after paying money for a faded artiste to be treated of her addiction problems.

Pretty Glo escaped from rehab hours after being checked in. The troubled singer went to the washroom and locked the door behind her and used the window to escape.

We all saw how Bad Black came to the rescue of Pretty Glo who left many music lovers in shock after being caught in a very sorry state stealing a phone downtown.

In message off Snapchat, Bad Black is expressing her disapproval with Pretty Glo's move, it's right now not clear if that money will be refunded at all, but one thing that is for sure is that Bad Black is not amused a single bit, she had hoped to ride on this as it was one sure way of making headlines on the right lane as opposed to what she does best.



The initial bill was 8million and she paid 1million on admission after buying her some cool clothes too, she promised to bring the rest of the money a day later, which she did and the amount was 6million making it a total of seven million, but Pretty GOLO as she fondly calls her disappeared through a toilet window only to take off faster than Usain Bolt.

In Bad Black's message, she pursued Pretty Glo to the washroom after forcing the door open only to realize that Qute Kaye's baby mama had taken off. Mama Jonah just sat on the toilet seat and typed the message, very typical of her 'Hodulope' way of doing things.

The keywords in her message were Toilet, 6Million, Pretty Glo and jumping the hospital gate.

Bad Black moved swiftly in rescuing Pretty Glo, otherwise, herbalist Mama Phiina could have assumed that role with ease as she does it every now and then.

Qute Kaye who is still believed to be in rehab was helped by the Sure Deal boss, Prossy Namwanje.

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