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Kenyan singer Willy Paul cries his heart out to Jamaica's Alaine

July 11, 2019, 8:13 PM @ugandaonline

Alaine and Willy Paul the artists behind the I Do song

 I Do stars - Jamaica's Alaine and Kenya's Willy Paul

Alaine Laughton commonly known by her stage name Alaine is a reggae singer who has a collaboration song with gospel artist Willy Paul dubbed ''I Do.''

In the song, the two agree that love is a beautiful thing and it is from God, and he who finds a wife finds a good thing. The concept of the video has Alaine playing the role of a wife and Willy Paul is the husband, but looks like Willy Paul wanted that scene transferred to real life based on his IG post yesterday;

"Alaine, we were so good together, dear, to be honest meeting you was the best thing ever coz it was like a dream come true. When you see a man admitting to such, that' means something big."


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In his message, Willy Paul is worried that most of his messages go unanswered, she no longer likes or comments on his pics leaving him very worried, he had hoped something real big was bound to come out of this, he was hoping they were to be more than friends, but the recent turn of events has left him broken.

"Tell me have I wronged you in any way? The last time you came to Kenya you didn't bother looking for me, I was forced to look for you. What really happened?"

Willy Paul said he was contacting her publicly because he had been blocked on Instagram by the 'Favorite Boy' singer he also added that he wanted his fans to help him drive the message home so that Alaine gets back to him in any way possible.

Before signing off, Willy Paul also cleared the air on Nandy, a Tanzanian singer whom he was performing with at a recent event in a manner he suspects could be the reason for Alaine's actions, he adds that he is just friends with Nandy.

"Me and her are just friends nothing more, that shouldn't even worry you, dear."

He concludes;

"Madam boss, please talk, unblock me, this silence is killing Pozze, help me fam to get this message to her."

Alaine responds;

The message was loud and clear as in no time, Alaine had already responded;

"Willy, Willy, Willy... Everything will be alright. It is all about the music, and specifically, all about God. Thanking him for all his blessings, despite obstacles, despite enemies, in spite of ourselves."

"We know he has a plan for us to prosper and to give us a future with hope. We know how far he’s taken us and trust him with the future."

"One thing is for sure we have great musical chemistry. So what do you think? One more song? Let’s unblock some blessings."

Willy Paul is happy though not very happy as Alaine's response is not exactly the way he wanted it, Alaine, tactfully dodged his request as she was rotating around music and yet the Kenyan singer wants a piece of her.

Alaine Laughton strikes a pose

Alaine Laughton

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