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Leila Kayondo turns 31

January 01, 2019, 4:52 PM @ugandaonline

Leila Kayondo turns 31 years of age

The 'Osobola' singer has added yet another year to her age, she's 31

"Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY  Allah has been my whole. 2018 whatever I have been asking - I have been receiving. Although it's still being challenged too. Death has robbed me of a number of loved ones, but I have kept on going knowing that God doesn't make mistakes."

"Thank you everyone that kept by my side. I pray for a wonderful 2019 and more. Thank you maama and taata for tolerating crazy me and for loving me, thank you my family and friends." 

"Thank you, my fans, thank you haters. You are secret admirers. May God keep blessing you for me."

What followed were birthday wishes from close pals and fellow artists;


A Pass - "Happy birthday miss kalidalu"

"Happy New year my kalidalu, luv u" Leila returned the love.

"Happy birthday love... Happy new year... Love you," Lillian Mbabazi noted

"Happy Birthday My Chocolate Beauty More Life!" - Lydia Jazmine showered the former Dream Galz star with love.

Others who sent the birthday gal messages include:

Bettinah Tianah and Geosteady wishing her the very best and many more years.In her birthday message, Leila seems very happy and confirms that the previous year has not been a bad one and that she even hopes for a better 2019.

Leila Kayondo had a terrible birthday three years back when her special day turned into a nightmare after her then lover, SK Mbuga, found her in the company of a Congolese soldier something that left her nursing serious head injuries.

SK was later arrested, but seeing her lover in the dock, she could not testify against him and days later, she lost interest in the case that was eventually dismissed when the two opted to settle the matter out of court.

SK Mbuga is still detained in a Dubai prison after hopes of securing his early release were dealt with a blow, but Leila maintains that the first thing she will do to SK Mbuga when he is set free from jail will be to give him a very tight hug.

Leila Kayondo

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