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Diamond Platnumz's message to Prince Nillan as he turns 3

December 06, 2019 08:10 PM @ugandaonline

Diamond Platnumz wishes her son, Prince Nillan a happy birthday, reminds his first born son of how much Daddy loves him...

Diamond Platnumz's message to Prince Nillan

Zari and her children with Diamond Platnumz (inset). 'Daddy loves you,' was his message to Nillan.

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Zari and Diamond Platnumz's son, Riaz Nasibu Abdul better known as Prince Nillan has today turned 3, HBD !!!

In Zari's message, she wishes him to be a man of honor.

"Happy birthday to you my skwwwiiiiish aww my lilman is out here turning out so good. So much confidence in this pic as he stands firm, strong and confident."

"May you become the man God has prepared you to be. A man of honor."

Nillan's Daddy, Diamond Platnumz using Insta Stories has also wished his first son the very best, though this message will only be up for a few hours before it disappears.

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The Tetema crooner shares a pic of Nillan clad in Scottish shorts and black boots flagging three fingers implying that he is now 3.


The other pic that the Tanasha Donna baby daddy shared was Nillan all wide spread in denim clothes with this caption; "Daddy Loves You."

Zari is in advanced stages of a 3 in 1 bash. It will be her house warming for the new crib, thanksgiving party and Nillan's birthday party.

Tiffah, Zari and Prince Nillan

Tiffah, Zari and Prince Nillan, the birthday boy

"Thank you Lord for 3years, praying for many more ahead Inshallah..." Prince Nillan noted on his Instagram page of 923,379 followers.

Diamond Platnumz always used Instagram to communicate with his children, but they unfollowed him after the parents developed misunderstandings over child support.

No Doubt, Nillan and Tiffah's Instagram accounts are run by their mom, so when they unfollow Diamond, it is clear who is unfollowing.


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