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Shocking reasons why Zari missed having Xmas in UG

December 27, 2019 4:45 AM @ugandaonline

Zari has left her fans in shock with her long list of reasons as to why she did not celebrate Christmas in Uganda, not even her family members were spared in this extraordinbary post...

Zari was sad this Christmas, she did not even come to Uganda

Zari's extraordinary post has left many in shock after she accused many, including her relatives of being parasites

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Zari's Christmas destination has always been in Uganda, but not this time and her reasons are pretty simple, she is fed up of doing so much for people out there and they don't return the favor and with this, she did not spare family members;

"That feeling when you know everything toxic, un-developmental, unfruitful, ungrateful unbearable, unworthy, unpleasant, unnecessary, unwanted etc, is being left in 2019."

Let me tell you something you don't know about me off social media.

I'm that friend everyone can always run to, financially, emotionally, shoulder to cry on you name it. I am always here for my people.

But this issue of playing Mother Teresa is so done.

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Many of Zari's fans are left wondering why she has turned the guns to this group of people in a manner so harsh and yet in her write up which is public, she did not spare her family members...

"They all can run to me, but when I need them, I won't see any, and I mean any of them. So, 2020 is all about me."


Zari is quick to remind her close to 7million fans that she is not being selfish, but doing what is best for her soul and well being.

Zari feels over stretched from her normal errands that range from running the schools that her late hubby left, being a mother and a father to her children, and of course, taking care of others who have been running her to her as and when they needed help, but them not returning the favor is what has left her baffled.

"I can't keep breaking my back and sharing bread with people that ain't helping mix the dough. If you don't ever hear from me next year, well, take it I served you a black rose discreetly (listen to black roses by Trey Songz). Whether its family, friends, business associates you name it. I'm done!!!
Will take all that energy to my charity work, they need me more than parasites."

This was Zari on Boxing Day
Zari on Boxing Day and inset is her Christmas Day outfit though she was sad...

Zari concludes:

When I'm out here taking care of everyone and their needs, the million dollar question remains, WHO takes care of me? (don't bring my man into this)

Yeah, that's my point... Y'all think she is good, she got it together. I'm human and I break down too. Told Bae THAT, sometimes I just need a hello, how you are, how are the kids kind of texts or a random card or flowers, box of chocolates etc from my 'so called people'. The simple things in life...

Been taken for granted for long...... ENOUGH ABOUT ME,"

She then asked her fans what is it they were leaving behind.


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