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Looking back is no option for me, Fille tells MC Kats

March 12, 2019, 11:16 AM @ugandaonline

Fille and MC Kats

Fille and MC Kats are no longer at ease, they have a child together

Singer Fille Mutoni was one of the performers at the Women's Day special event that was held at Fame lounge and Restaurant. The very event had Cindy and John Blaq share the stage with the 'Love Again' star.

MC Kats was one of the hosts for the night, but when Fille hit the stage, her baby daddy simply showered her with 50k notes commonly known as Ebizike.

Fille, who was clad in a multi-coloured top and pant told her fans that she will forever respect her baby daddy and will not at any time forget where they came from.

Fans had expected her to make a different announcement like they had made up and were good to go, but it was not the case.

The mom of one dashed to her wall to make the point clear.

"Looking back is not an option for me. I keep going because the future holds better for me."



It's been months since Fille and MC Kats split and the two have been going at each other in different ways, Fille uses her music and Bye Bye X is her latest which song clearly needs no explanation.

It was too much for MC Kats to hold a few weeks back when he interrupted Fille's performance, he straight on told whoever cared to know that he found her when she was nothing, it is the very lines that Fille is using against him.

"Like he says he found me with nothing, it's fine, and I appreciate what he did for me and I will always respect him as the father of my daughter, Abby."

Realizing that his efforts are not adding to much, Kats has resorted to using his walls to convince Fille come back to his heart.

"Disagreement doesn't mean betrayal. You will chase away people who are with you and stay with people that are here for you."

"When someone helps you and they're struggling too, that's not helping, that's love."

Falling out with Fille has taught Kats a few lessons and he is taking stock of what has worked to his new formed label KatsMusic which has at least two artists, Heyz UG and Shammy K (Zivuga Queen) who many are saying is a Fille replacement.

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