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Zari reveals what led her to end up on a hospital bed

March 13, 2019, 5:22 PM @ugandaonline

This was Zari's weekend activity

The kids loved the Rolls Royce and Zari enjoyed the weekend, but now, she is not well

The weekend was all good for Zari who spent the greater part of the weekend on King Bae's laps as the children were busy playing with his Rolls Royce. Tiffah proposed that should be used to take her to school.

It was a slow Saturday as Zari noted while sharing the Rolls Royce pics clearly letting her rivals know that King Bae 'Alina Work'. "They love uncle's car," she added.



By Monday, Zari who was recovering from the weekend activity with Bae was not feeling well, in fact, she came clad in rogues clearly confirming that all was not well.

At the office, some of her workmates thought it was morning sickness until she had to seek medical attention.

"Am seriously sick, but the devil is lying."

Heels off, hair extensions off were all signs that Zari was not well.

Get well messages started pouring in though some fans were concerned about what the problem was, she later revealed.

"3 drips Saturday, 3 drips today. Save me lord, I'll be fine. It's bad tonsillitis, fever, headache and chest infections."

Zari's fans across Africa have since been sending her get well messages.

King Bae is taking good care of Zari

King Bae is taking good care of Zari

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