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Bad Black and rival Parks Dee Laker exchange bitterly

January 14, 2019, 1:13 AM @ugandaonline

David Greenhalgh and Parks Dee Laker

David Greenhalgh and Parks Dee Laker as Bad Black sips on her wine after the 'Hodulopu' clip

As you may be aware, Bad Black is back and has been having a go at all those that have crossed her line and Greenhalgh's current lover, Parks Dee Laker, was not spared.

These are the words that prompted an arms long response from Greenhalgh's lover.

"I'm not in touch with Greenhalgh and he is one person I would not waste a second thinking about, he went to the streets and picked girls that resemble me, I've met his current lover thrice walking, she has no car and I'm in a 120Million Mercedes..." Bad Black noted.

The interviewer had to stop her right there otherwise she was determined to vomit all the venom, however, that was enough to win her a response which fortunately for her, she will never understand given her 'Hodulopu' way of doing things.

"My dearest darling Shanita, aka Bad Black, how lovely to hear from you."

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"I respect, how honest, you appear while lying, so flawless it would seem you were born to do this. My darling, this talent you must harness to its best potential..ok dear."

"As you know most times, I've let, fly all your snide dispositions of your remarkable buffoonery."

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"My dearest, Please don't allow be the flag bearer of ignorance all your life, take a day off! It won't hurt you. Instead, It would invariably add value to your life span, don't be always a classic example of the inverse ratio between the size of the mouth and the size of the brain. ! Oh dear lord! My heart painfully bleeds."

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"My dearest darling, you are so so beautiful both inside and out., but though beauty is only a light switch are ruefully beautiful the only mishap is the moment you start to spew/ speak, you wipe all this beautiful work of art, child God.. like a strike of lighting...In a flash and its all gone. Why waste such artisan work... Why darling why?"

As a token of kindness I propose, I will personally spearhead a love sharing drive or car wash only meant to spread the awareness of love strictly to you with a tagline like; "MAKE BADBLACK GREAT AGAIN "

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