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Divorce: Herbert Shonga reluctant to sign divorce papers

February 14, 2019, 9:50 AM @ugandaonline

Dorothy Shonga has served Herbert Shonga with divorce papers

It's Valentine's Day and Dorothy Shonga wants her husband to sign the divorce papers, but for some reason, he won't

Herbert Shonga has refused to sign divorce papers. 

The cracks in their relationship were exposed on the eve of their first wedding anniversary when Herbert Shonga picked the phone to wish the mother of his three children the very best, but to his surprise, Dorothy just threw it in his face on Facebook live telling him off in the process.

"Which sort of man are you bringing private matters on Facebook. I made you what you are and It's high time people know exactly who you are. I made the money you pose with while in Zambia. The machines that I bought for Shonga Advertisment, you have sold all of them.

The reason for that outburst was after Dorothy found out that her hubby was having an affair with Sheilat Murungi who was the PR of the now defunct Space Lounge bar and restaurant.

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Having been exposed, Herbert came out of hiding and started moving with his new found love publicly letting whoever cared to know that Sheilat and him were an item. Herbert converted to Islam and changed his name to Habib Shonga, as though preparing himself to comfortably have as many as four, he tentatively put his new wedding date to (Mar 16) which is about a month from now, but looks like he is already on another one, Sasha Brighton Kalungi, an artist, something that left Dorothy with no choice, but to file for divorce.

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It should be recalled that before all this, Herbert was able to reconcile after pleading with the mother of his children that he was willing and ready to change, he was given a second chance something that got their fans really excited.

Herbert soon got back to his old ways this time with an artist and another young woman who claims she is carrying his baby, though he is in denial, this became to much for Dorothy to handle that she even had to share the court divorce papers on Facebook clearly indicating that she had signed and ready to jump ship, but Herbert Shonga was reluctant to do so claiming he still loves his family.

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These are some of the reasons Dorothy gives explaining her decision to bow out of the relationship;

"He openly told me that he can't survive 2 days without it.

It came to my realization that I didn't know the man I married and lived with for over 15years. As a mother with young children to raise, I decided to put my children first and living in the world with deadly incurable diseases I didn't want to regret later. So as much this was going to be hard on my children, they understood that their mother was not happy."

"I believed in Till death do us part, but my husband took that for granted. He assumed since I loved him, I would never file for divorce and I would keep taking him back."

Dorothy and Herbert strike a pose next to their posh rides

The couple strikes a pose next to their blue Ford Mustang and Black Range Rover Sport

"I contacted my lawyers and decided to dissolve our marriage due to infidelity. Despite the fact that my husband has begged me endlessly to give him the last chance, my mind was made up and my children are ok with it."

"So Herbert Shonga as you continue to behave like a free man, please am begging you to sign the divorce papers. You can't continue to beg me for forgiveness in private and act like you are free publicly."


"My lawyers have summoned you a number of times, I have come to your house to get your signature and you have refused to sign claiming you still love your family. Am sorry that boat has sailed and you can't change my mind."

"Sign the papers and move on and date freely. I have moved on from this marriage and in a happy place and my children are happy too."

Herbert and Dorothy Shonga held their wedding in Dec 2016, a month after the 5Billion SK Mbuga and Vivienne wedding that lasted for a week.

While proposing to Dorothy, Herbert did this mid air aboard an Emirates flight where the cabin crew had to interrupt the in-flight entertainment service to announce that some passengers had just gotten engaged, but this is how sadly their journey has ended.

Shonga's Ford Mustang and Range Rover Sport

Shonga's Ford Mustang and Range Rover Sport

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