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Bobi Wine in studio working on the Fiscal Policy song following his interview

March 14, 2019, 12:58 PM @ugandaonline

Bobi Wine recording the Fiscal Policy song

Bobi Wine is in studio recording the 'Fiscal Policy' song 

Last Thursday, Bobi Wine was a guest speaker on NTV's 'On the Spot' program with show host Patrick Kamara interviewing him about  his preparedness for the Presidency, the Kyadondo East legislator confirmed he was considering giving it a shot.

Bobi Wine who was clad in a maroon African wear outfit talked about a number of issues that he was intending to do under his People Power idea.

The show host wondered how he could achieve all that when he did not have systems on the ground, Bobi Wine reminded him of his landslide victory in Kyadondo before adding how he has been a musician for 20 years.



"I am Bobi Wine just in case you've forgotten, I have been traversing this country, I know people from village to village, I'm a new person with a new mentality."

He went on to say how he was once an ardent supporter of the President and also talked about his respect for the former FDC leader Kizza Besigye. He also said he does not want to dwell much on the Arua issue.

Kamara told Bobi Wine if it was possible for him to front some other person for the top job now that he was still young, the Kyarenga star told him that his time came long ago.

"I was living an extremely comfortable life, a luxurious life. As Bobi Wine, I was one of the richest artist in the country so I'm not looking for any kind of comfort."

In one of your speeches, you promised to make your wife Barbie Kyagulanyi, a First Lady, was this a romantic commitment you made to her?

"If you look at it from both sides, I think you are right and I'm glad you are asking this on the eve of International Women's Day. I met this young lady who was mature in her mind, and while celebrating the many things we have achieved together,  I told her that one day a person of your character will be a First Lady."

Fiscal Policy

Kamara - Ok, let's talk about the issues of governance because Uganda is a country of about 40million people, if you were to be a leader of this country, what kind of fiscal tools would you use to reign in the kind of inflation we see rising its ugly head every now and then?

Hon. Kyagulanyi - "Well, so much so much, when one starts to look at what to change in this country, it's almost everything, but like you say, you give it timelines mainly when I'm having a conversation with my friends, we look at things that must change immediately, but then we look at the things that must change in the first 100 days if we were to have the blessing to determine the future of this country." 

"Some things must change overnight like impunity, but immediately, we will ban the Over The Top (OTT) tax, immediately, we will repeal the Public Order Management Act and quite a lot of things.."

"And you think that will enhance Uganda's economy and grow GDP?" Kamara asked.


"Certainly, certainly it is not the oppressive tax, you've noticed we had a report recently that more than 2million people have been knocked off the internet. Uganda being a country of young people depends so much on the internet, that is where they create their jobs since we are living in a jobless country, but unfortunately they are being blocked from it," Bobi Wine responded. 

His nemesis, Bebe Cool has since jumped on the way Bobi responded to the Fiscal policy question, he actually shared that particular bit on his wall for his fans to give views, they've since had a field day of activity. Bebe Cool lost his phone to a thug at Kira road traffic lights, but it was replaced by his wife Zuena Kirema and while thanking her, the Easy singer had to add a Fiscal aspect to it.

"When your wife knows the GDP, you care less of the fiscal phone snatcher. Thanks my love."

Bobi Wine hits studio

Bobi Wine has now hit the studio to release the Fiscal Policy song backed up by his usual suspect Nubian Li and new rapper Hon. Zaake Butebi. 

Bobi Wine during the recording of the Fiscal Policy song

Inset is Nubian Li and Hon Zaake backing up Bobi Wine

In the song, Bobi Wine says; 'We bring the fiscal to the disco and break it down to the common man while Nubian Li and Hon. Zaake back it up with; 'Fiscal policy making it a simple policy.'

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