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Romantic-Rema walks on red rose petals to Hamzah's crib

September 14, 2019, 4:09 PM @ugandaonline

Rema releases a clip of road rose petals leading to their crib with Hamzah.

Rema releases a clip of red rose petals with her name leading to their crib with Hamzah. Inset is the Brabus ride the Gyn Doc bought for the 'Banyabo' singer

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Rema has for the very first time responded directly on the issue of her new found love, Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya.

Pictures speak a thousand words, but a one second video is worth 30,000 words.

Rema has released a short clip of neatly arranged red rose petals on a walkway leading to the living room of her new husband, completed with white petals of her name REMA.

You can blame all this on a letter that was issued to Rema's new lover, Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya, asking him to show cause as to why he should not appear before a disciplinary committee for falling in love with his patient who he is now going to marry.

A one Sharif Sentongo Nambaale has dragged Dr. Ssebunya to the Allied Health Professional Council Uganda (AHCPU) for professional and ethical misconduct.

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Sharif is of the view that something is not right. He gets to know of Sebunya when Rema has separated with Kenzo and that before he knows it, they were planning on a wedding already! "When did they date? Are they even friends?" Sharif is left wondering.


It has been two weeks now and the issue of Rema dumping Kenzo, her lover of five years for another man is the talk of the town. 

Other than her pics of the Muslim wedding, the 'Deep in Love' singer had not come out to comment on the issue, though, a lot is going on behind the scenes for the introduction ceremony that is slated for November 14, 2019. The intro is currently estimated at a UGX 200Million budget, but it could shoot up, especially on the security item as they anticipate that some folks from the Eddy Kenzo camp could want to gate crash the event or try to destabilize as a way of protesting Rema's actions.

The intention to sue letter must have pushed Rema to release the red rose petal clip and she could do a lot more once provoked.

Eddy Kenzo, who is all set to perform in London tonight issued a statement on his love woes, blessing the two (Rema and Hamzah), though the writing was on the wall that he still loved his baby mama, but she was not patient enough to wait for him to complete the renovations of his ancestral graveyard, the main reason he cites for being slow at doing or not doing certain things like putting a ring on it. The Eddy Kenzo camp adds that they are not behind the letter calling for disciplinary action of a gynecologist who fell in love with his patient.

During the introduction ceremony, Kenzo will be in Dubai for the One Africa Music Fest.

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