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My ranting is not about Rema, we separated amicably-Eddy Kenzo

October 17, 2019 12:15 AM @ugandaonline

We separated in a friendly and peacable manner

Me and Rema separated in a friendly and peacable manner and she has nothing to do with this...

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Eddy Kenzo has been all over social media expressing how disturbed, he is over Sheikh Muzaata's remarks.

In his Tuesday afternoon clip, the dad of two broke down while constantly referring to his mother who unfortunately passed on, and the main reason for his actions was because the Sheikh said he should go and marry his mother.

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The 'go marry your mother' remarks were made at the pre-introduction ceremony of now his former lover, Rema Namakula when she was introducing her new catch Dr. Hamzah Sebunya.

Many had linked the ranting and his actions to his baby mama moving on with another man, but he has produced the proof, if you may like, call them 'receipts' confirming that the two actually had a discussion over the break-up and this happened three months back.

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In the screen shots which Kenzo shared and later deleted, he reveals that he and Rema held 4 meetings in which they resolved that they should separate peacefully after her telling him of her new found love.


"I am hoping all is well. I am here to inform you that I finally got into a serious relationship and I'm soon moving forward with legalizing our union. I felt it's better I inform you personally."

"I would totally understand if you want us out of the house. Meanwhile, thank you for allowing us to stay in the house for all these two years after you left, Bless You." Rema noted in a  WhatsApp chat leaked by Kenzo.

The chat between Rema and Kenzo confirming that they discussed this issue

The chat between Rema and Kenzo confirming that they discussed this issue and that he left Rema in the house two years back

On the very day Kenzo released the receipts through his live chat, Sheikh Muzaata, later that evening appeared on a local radio station and accepted to talk to the singer as and when he comes back to the country.

"I now want to meet Edirisah because these issues won't end. Rema and Kenzo are both Moslems in the age bracket of my children and whatever goes wrong, I will talk to them as their leader and parent and no one will do it better than us the leaders. All I was saying was that it is not right to be with someone without marrying them off. Next week, we will talk about how and where people meet because we have discovered that it has a lot to do with their separation," Sheikh Muzaata concluded.

Kenzo will now return to the country on October 22 after cancelling some of his concerts over what he termed as being overstrained due to lack of sleep by the remarks the Sheikh made.

The Minister of Ethics and Integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo has also summoned Sheikh Muzaata to his office over the same matter, he also expects him to withdraw his statement and also apologize to Eddy Kenzo.

Father Lakodo told Kenzo that he should also learn to swallow bitter herbs, he expects the two to have a father-to-son relationship.



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