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Eddy Kenzo asks fans to pray for him as Rema speaks out

September 18, 2019, 12:10 PM @ugandaonline

Eddy Kenzo asks his fans to pray for him

Rema Namakula - "... and to those that don't love us, but pretend to do so, it is time to be clear.."

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Star singer Eddy Kenzo has asked fans to include him in their prayers as he is going through the roughest of times. A few days back, his now ex-lover, Rema unveiled a new mansion where she will be staying with her new hubby, Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya.

Hamzah is so romantic that he welcomed Rema with red rose petals, something the Siri Muyembe singer hadn't witnessed in ages.

The singer who is still in London was left in tears after seeing a clip of his young daughter, Aamaal, not getting to terms with the fact that she was being separated with her elder sister, Mya.

Aamaal Musuuza is Rema's daughter with Eddy Kenzo, she is so close to Mya because the two have grown up together, but after circumstances changing, the Siri Muyembe singer has to move with her daughter to a new relationship.

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Kenzo had earlier asked that Mya can still be taken care of by Rema even in the new relationship with Hamzah, but looks like things won't be working out that way, it is now left to be seen how Kenzo and Mya's mom, Tracy Nabantazi, will be handling this.


In Rema Namakula's latest clip, she says:

"Thanks to those who genuinely love us and to those that don't love us, but pretend to do so, it is time to be clear (laughs)...You love us and you pretend not to, you either love us or not and stop the pretense, okay, thank you so much, I love you," Rema  who was clad in a blue small polka top said.

These were some of the responses; when the Sitya Loss singer and the BET award winner asked fans to pray for him;

"My brother, my celebrity, comrade you just have to let go of madam dimple and chase the paper, take good care of your daughters and later in life, you will find the perfect woman, maybe that's a lesson you had to attend."

Rema and Eddy Kenzo

Rema and Eddy Kenzo

"But still you need to also get time for some privacy to try and heal your heart, be positive as a person, you will get a better woman than her, however, you also need to tame yourself to such standards."

"If Kats did it you can also did it..."

"Life is full of shock waves, but this shock wave came to test your strength. It’s never the situation that defines who you are but how you go through it will define who you are."

"Cut contact with Rema she is now someone's wife." 

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