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Bebe Cool explains why he named his goat Apass

Bebe Coo explains why he named his goat Apass
While appearing on Spark TV, Bebe Cool explained why he named his goat Apass

19 Jul 2018 12:08 PM @ugandaonline

When Bebe Cool had his say on the social media tax, several artists are on record to have disagreed with his position. However, the Batiddemu singer could not just let it pass, he responded while talking to Spark TV's Live Wire entertainment show with host, Zahara Totto.


Apass, Hilderman and Ykee Benda are the artists that are disagreeing with Bebe Cool on the issue of social media tax, they want it scrapped while Bebe says it should stay.

During the launch of the Royal Ascot Goats Races, Bebe Cool named his goat Apass claiming that when he looks at its fur, there is no difference with Apass' hairstyle. 

Apass has returned fire, saying he is ready to help the dad of six with his forthcoming concert and this was Bebe's response;

"Apass has only one song and that is why he does not do concerts and if he is not careful, Latinum will run over him very easily."

"I'm ahead of all these artists so it's expected that they will be quick to attack me, no one can attack those who are below them."


It would be wrong for me to blame those artists opposing the OTT tax because whatever I say, I base my arguments on the 3E's (Experience, Exposure and Expertise).

So I can't think like Apass, Ykee Benda and Hilderman, they don't think beyond the wall.

It is very wrong to tell the youth not to pay taxes.  I would instead advise them to do more music than attacking me because the fairly new artists like Fic Fameica are coming for them and amazingly, the new artists are busy in the studios and have no time for bickering.

"These young men should learn to respect elders because there's something the elders know that they don't and it baffles me, the country is having a huge debt to settle so where do they expect the government to get the money to pay the debt when they oppose the tax," Bebe added.

"And most of them are attacking men did not read my full post, I never talked about Mobile Money tax, I was commenting about the Over-The-Top tax," Zuena's hubby concluded.

All is set for his Golden Heart concert that has been shifted to Kololo Airstrip The Dome to accommodate the anticipated huge crowd.

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