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Music battle between Cindy and Sheebah unlikely

March 21, 2019, 3:48 PM @ugandaonline

Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu won't battle any time soon

BATTLE - Sheebah Karungi VS. Cindy Sanyu

Fans from both camps have been longing for a battle between these two female artistes, Cindy and Sheebah, but after the recent developments, it is unlikely that this battle will be happening anytime soon.

Sheebah was asked about the battle something she is not very much looking forward to, but instead, she proposed that Cindy can come and the two practice how to sing and when they are done, she could take her on a tour in Munyonyo where she (Sheebah) constructed her mansion.

That was not all. I could also take her on a free tour of plots in and around Munyonyo where she can buy a plot of land so we can help each other on where one has fallen short," Sheebah added.

"Congratulations on constructing a house," Cindy retaliated.



"It's no big deal that you have a house, even boda-boda folks around me have all constructed, but as an artiste, it is important to do your job and do it right. If you are called upon or paid to perform, you will not hit the stage with your Munyonyo house."

"I'm not jealous of Sheebah because every award that you can think of that she has won, I have won and I have always been ready to battle any female artiste, including Sheebah, I've proposed this many times, but they don't seem to be ready so I gave them time." Cindy added.

Sheebah bringing in the aspect of the house when asked about whether or not she can battle is what left many of the fans wondering. In fact, that response, simply meant Sheebah was not ready and about to battle with the King Herself.

For the record, Cindy has been on the music scene for quite some time, most of which, Sheebah was doing more dancing with the defunct Obsessions Group, but the moment she teamed up with her current manager, Jeff Kiwa, to release her first single dubbed Ice Cream in 2014, she has never looked back.

Cindy writes most of her music and for a greater part of her career, she has not had a manager, she runs here own record label the more reason she refers to Sheebah as a dummy now that her manager (Jeff Kiwa) literally does everything for her.

"I have seen her videos and performances, but she is not ready to battle an artiste of my caliber, I have been here long enough so I got the experience, but going by her previous concert, she can't sing and this is not personal, many of her fans are demanding that CD presentation on stage," Cindy concluded.

Sheebah recently entered her Munyonyo based mansion that had taken two years while being constructed, they live with her manager, Jeff Kiwa who was the former manager of Radio (RIP) and Weasel, they were in court at the time of Radio's death over who owns the Makindye based Neverland ranch.

Cindy and Aheebah all covered up

It's not easy getting these two artists in such outfits, they have a penchant for daring outfits. Sheebah's outfit at the recently concluded Hipipo awards is one of those outfits.

Still talking houses, Cindy says she has constructed a house for her mom upcountry in Serere, another in Mbale and in Muyenga, she is yet to construct hers.

The fans also chipped in:

"They both have the same character, dressing skimpily, but when it comes to live music Cindy is good. Sheebah's music is good on CDs, but there is no point here they should all focus on their careers."

"Musically, Cindy is way better, but business wise Sheebah is more successful. The question is why do they all sing? Why aren't they all into something else. Who has converted her music into money? I love Cindy but Sheebah is more successful than my Cindy in economic terms."

"Cindy would probably be better when it comes to live performance, especially because her voice can handle live performances a lot better However, it's Sheebah's songs that I have on my playlist!! I could give you 3 songs from Sheebah off my head, but not a single one from Cindy!! All in all. Sheebah is generally much more of a success story than Cindy is..despite the latter's voice!"

"Sheebah don't let anyone bully you into a battle just because they want to revamp their career!! If you ever do it, I hope it will be because you want it and obviously because there's very good money in it for you!


Cindy had accepted 50Million for the battle, but the Sheebah camp demanded for Shs150 Million. Promoter Balam is all set to sponsor the battle at a cost of 200Million should the two camps agree to battle musically.

Latest info from Jeff Kiwa is that; 'No Billion, No Battle' clearly saying that the battle between these two is highly unlikely.

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