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Eddy Kenzo uses his 2007 Tuteese song to woo Rema back

September 20, 2019, 1:10 AM @ugandaonline

Eddy Kenzo has used his first video of 2007 to woo Rema back to his life

Eddy Kenzo has used his first video of 2007 dubbed 'Tuteese' to woo Rema back to his life

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Using his official Facebook profile, troubled Eddy Kenzo has used his first song dubbed 'Tuteese' which was released way back in 2007 to try and convince Rema back to his life.

Tuteese is a local word meaning 'Let's Talk' but looking at how things are fast unfolding, it is unlikely that Tuteese is what Rema is looking for right now, she can't wait to officially be a wife to a  Doctor after the 'Muyaye' failed to put a ring on it. 

In Eddy Kenzo's Tuteese song, it reflects the situation exactly the way it is right now.

"Guno Omukwano guli mulusubo..Tuteese ku nsoga eziri mumaaka gaano.."

"We used to be friends, but not anymore, all you show me now is bitterness and hatred."

"Come, let's discuss, you are the one I chose from the many...Please listen to me and don't pay attention to my haters whose aim is to mislead you."

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"It is you I chose, come and we talk, you know my background so well. I know they tell you so much, but don't pay attention to them because they are only using you."


It is not clear if the above message in the Tuteese song will make a difference because Rema is now behaving like Mrs. Sebunya already.

On her Twitter account, she will retweet all those pics where she is with Hamzah especially those with comments that are in support of her latest actions.

The mom of one has already packed her bags from Eddy Kenzo's Sseguku home to Hamzah's crib in Kyaliwajjala and just a few days back, she was officially welcomed to her new home with red rose petals that had her name displayed on the walkway. 

Their daughter, Aamaal, was not happy to leave her elder sister, Mya, behind as they moved to the Kyaliwajala crib.

Rema has also spoken out though in her clip, she thanked all those that are with her on this journey and those that pretend to love, but are reluctant to show it should style up.

She later took to Twitter where she shared some dimpled pics captioned as; "That look when...."

And the fans were kind to respond and these were some of the responses; 

That look when...

  • You're about to get married to a married man.
  • A gynecologist puts off the gloves.
  • Your ex becomes a motivational speaker.
  • You no longer sing Sili Muyembe.
  • They're preparing to Wed you.
  • You are not a side chick to a married man officially.
  • You are going to be the 4th wife.
  • You're still keeping the land titles.
  • Your dimple disappears in just two months of dating a doctor.
  • You are planning for Diamond Platnumz. 

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