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Hon. Kato Lubwama fights during a live TV debate

December 23, 2018, 12:10 AM @ugandaonline

Rubaga South MP slapped Andrew Mukasa live on TV

Rubaga South MP slapped Andrew Mukasa live on TV for saying that legislator was not debating on pertinent issues because he did not know English

The Koona Ne Miles Rwamiti show on Friday turned into a ring as Rubaga South MP took on events promoter, Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo of Bajjo events.

The topic was to do with the issues at hand that included the event promoters that were counting losses after Bobi Wine shows had been stopped by authorities. He was later allowed to perform provided he could balance the boat.

In the studio, it was one legislator facing off with two event promoters, Abitex and Bajjo.

It all started with Bajjo saying that Kato does not deliberate on issues because he does not know English, this certainly did not go down well with the comedian cum politician;

"When we are talking about artists, let's keep to that because he does not know what transpires in Parliament, so it is very wrong for him to try and advise me on what happens there," Kato noted.

"Yesterday, we were in parliament, but there's nothing he can do because the people who were deliberating on issues were doing so in English, unlike Katto who can't speak the language, " Bajjo shot back.


Katto, then suggested that the program be moderated in English something that Bajjo welcomed.

Bajjo asked Katto Lubwama to continue the debate with a line in English, to which he replied saying this is a not a program for lunatics.

Bajjo then went on to explain; 

"Katto is an artiste and Bobi Wine is being put in a tight corner over his concerts, but Katto can hardly do a thing just because he does not know English, otherwise, he could be pushing forward Bobi Wine's concerns and issues in the house.

As Katto tried to explain himself, Bajjo kept on interrupting the Rubaga South Member of Parliament who out of frustration just slapped the events promoter.

The slapped events promoter asked the Honorable Member of Parliament not to act in a manner that was not right, but this just made matters worse as the Kato Lubwama had charged already, he kicked the table and stood up ready to engage in a physical fight live on TV, he slapped him again, it was then that the moderator, Miles Rwamiti, realized the studio could end up in a Golola fight of sorts, he prevailed over the two to calm things down.

Bajjo had equally charged and wanted to take on the legislator who was clad in a black leather hat.

A day later, the two, Kato and Bajo were asked about the Friday incident and this was their take; 

"I beat him because of undermining artists, I am sorry for what happened, but I was hurt and I am warning all that are bent on belittling artists to be very careful, we've done so much for this industry and we will not allow anyone to just come and mess up what we've built for years," Kato Lubwama noted.

On the other hand, Bajo did not have kind words for the legislator; 

"He's fond of saying anything without even thinking about what he says, he is a Honorable and I am just a businessman, but as a Honorable member of parliament, you need to be cautious of how you conduct yourself in society."

"I am human and I have feelings," Katto Lubwama responded.

The two were asked to sort out whatever issues they could be having among themselves, but Bajjo insists that there's nothing he can discuss with Kato Lubwama now that he can't discuss in parliament and on the other hand Kato warns that they ought to stop belittling artists, otherwise they will continue being thumped.

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