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Bebe Cool starts to account for the Shillings 400Million

January 22, 2019, 10:52 AM @ugandaonline

Bebe Cool says Hilderman is among the artists that got part of the Shs 400Million

Bebe Cool has started to release the list of artistes that got a share of the Shs 400Million from the President

Bebe Cool has come out to confirm that President Museveni released Shs 400Million for the artists. The Wasibukawa star was the one disbursing the funds.

He has a list of artists that benefitted from the fund and some of them are dissing the President something Bebe feels is wrong in every way.

In a Facebook post 3 days back, Bebe Cool noted that he was going to list all of them and on his list, he started off with Hilderman the Mawokotanian.

"Yesterday I gently asked Ugandan artists who I gave the money to acknowledge it, but all in vain and all that happens is Bebe Cool stole the money."

"Some of these musicians have even gone ahead to abuse the President. Ok."

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"If you don't want your video to come out, make a general post acknowledging that the money was genuinely lent to us by Bebe Cool."

"Failure to do so, I will be left with no choice, but to defend myself by releasing more evidence. #abebisawomwelinde."

In Bebe Cool's message, he confirms the following: 

+ The artists who were given money were just lent implying that, that money needs to be refunded.

+ He has been in talks with these artists to do the needful, but all in vain, leaving him with no choice, but to expose them.

+ Having released Hilderman's video while receiving money, he is yet to release more videos with no sound.

Hilderman has since come out to defend himself.

"It's true, I received the money and I don't deny the fact that I did. I was part of the 2016 campaigns and I was paid Shs 2Million."

Bebe Cool is yet to explain how he spent the Shs 398Million after knocking off Hilderman's 2Million, however, the waiting seems to be taking longer than expected as the fans are growing impatient.

They have also asked him to include the sound now that he is talking of accountability.

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