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I have no problem with Sheebah-Nina Roz

February 26, 2019, 9:46 AM @ugandaonline

Nina Roz showing off her blonde hair

Inset is Nina Roz doing her thing at the NBS Kathchup studios

Nina Roz real name Nina Kankunda was on Friday a guest artist on the revamped Katchup show on NBS.

The Anayinama star was clad in a Zara top and black shorts with red high knee boots.

Anita Fabiola, one of the show hosts asked her three things ranging from bleaching, Sheebah and her man.

"Do you bleach?" Anita Fabiola asked.

Nina Roz - "I personally don't bleach, but I don't have a problem supporting my fellow women out there that bleach because it is like makeup, I don't feel it is a problem when a woman stands up for herself  and feels like she looks fine that way."



Anita Fabiola - "Why do you think people associate you with bleaching because to me, you are a beautiful chocolate skin?"

Nina Roz- "To be honest, I think worldwide now, every lotion, every soap has a bleaching factor in it."

Anita Fabiola - Are you in competition with Sheebah?

Nina Roz - "I don't compete with her and personally, I don't support competition among women, I want to compete with men who are on top of us. I am not competing with Sheebah and I would not want anyone to do it, not even with me."

We used to be best friends with Sheebah, but things change, life changes, we all have a moment in life when we don't have the people we used to know once in a while, but life goes on, I am grateful for who she was to me and who I am with her."

Anita Fabiola - Are you still in touch with her?

Nina Roz - No.

Anita Fabiola- Who is your man?

Nina Roz - My man are my male (fans) also called rozbuds worldwide.

The tall blonde hair singer is behind songs like Omuliro, Oli Mekete and Mbaayo among others.


This is how Nina Roz stepped out on Friday

This is how Nina Roz stepped out on Friday

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