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Zuena under fire over business location, hubby comes to her rescue

March 28, 2019, 9:22 AM @ugandaonline

Bebe Cool came to teh rescue of his wife as she was being bashed

Bebe Cool roars as Zuena was bashed for her 'Muzigo' like cake business location 

This is what Bebe Cool has been doing for the last 16 years of being in love with Zuena, any attack on her is an attack on him.

On Saturday, Zuena had some really good news for her fans and clients who have been yearning for her services, but not easily accessible, she now has a place where you can find her services with her phone numbers well labeled.

The mom of five took to IG to communicate the new developments.

"We finally have a physical address. Come visit us and taste our pastries from whole cakes, cake slices, samosas, doughnuts, pies, cupcakes, Danish pastries, chapatis, cookies, croissants, scones etc. You can also pass by and place your wedding cake order and also book us to decorate your event." 



As expected, many commented on the post, but the vast majority was claiming that Zuena, a wife of the 'Big Size' artist deserves a better set up than what was on display.

Zuena cakes and decos is located in between two stores that deal with women's clothing, they use the outside area to showcase their outfits while Zuena parks her Merc right in front of the shop, they also decried of lack of parking space more so by the roadside.

Bebe Cool was irked by some of the comments, he came out full throttle barking up the location and how they were going to make a killing from the low rent they are paying for the cake shop.

"I am not sure if these are new proud members of the stup!d club or the old ones, that have been pointing fingers at the new pickup point for Zuena's cakes located at Kiwatule, along the road leading to Naalya, right opposite Shell Fuel station (former Mogas). These people seem to suggest that Zuena is too high profile to run a shop that appears the way it does and in such a location, but that she should instead have opted for a fancy shop at upmarket plazas to display her cakes."

"You need a location and ambiance that embraces both your low income and high income customers with none of them feeling out of place.
It is important that your outlet is located on the left hand side of the road to ease access for people returning home."

He concludes;

"No wonder Zuena is able to park a 200 million shillings Mercedes Benz in front of a shop that costs only 300,000/= in rent to discuss business worth over 40 million shillings for decor per event, cakes ranging from a cost of 50,000/= to 20,000,000/= per cake. It is from here that she is able to take care of her family, pay school fees for her children in expensive schools and be able to afford holidays in America. Yet, the splashy alternative may be in rent arrears, unable to pay suppliers on time all because they want to keep up appearances."

His response has over 3,800 comments while Zuena's post announcing the new venue has just over 100 comments.

Zuena cake shop and the neighborhood

Zuena's Merc parked right outside the shop competing with screaming dummies

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