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Iryn Namubiru shares a clip moments before the boat capsized

Iryn Namubiru in a lifesaver jacket during an earlier boat cruise

The video clip that Iryn has shared shows the revelers trying to balance the boat that was being affected by bad weather

29 Nov 2018 1:10 AM @ugandaonline

Iryn Namubiru is the best boat accident survivor standing right now, courtesy of her iPhone7 that is water proof and her swimming skills, she was able to cover moments before the blue boat capsized.

In the clip, the visibly drunk revelers are seen moving from one side of the boat to the other with others struggling to stand on their two legs. 

Looks like this is the moment the boat started showing signs of breaking down. Iryn Namubiru's song is playing in the background and this is the more reason she recorded this particular clip.

The boat cruise accident survivor says she has many of these clips though scared of releasing them. While releasing this particular one she captioned it with these words;


"I recorded this video because my song was playing. Never at any one point did I even realize that we were already in so much danger. Many of these people died. I recognized this staggering girl's body immediately."
"I watched the videos last night and noticed what must have been taking place at the time. I did not see what I am seeing then."

"I only recorded to have my song, just for the sake of the song. I am discovering this at the same time as you and the same questions keep popping, had I realized this then, I probably would be dead because I would have panicked, or maybe I would have called for emergency."

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"I don't think I would get the guts to record us dying knowingly. I don't know.. Wabula Kitalo, katonda ayongere okungumya nange."

"May you all Rest In Peace, I cannot stop crying now. I knew about 10 people who all died!" Iryn concluded.

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One of her followers on Instagram was forced to ask how she was able to record all this at the time she was supposed to be fighting for her life, that was her response;

"I dived into the water with my phone while the torch was on, I did not let go of my phone which is waterproof. I had recorded this before."

"Essimu nagwaayo nayo mu mazzi nga be torch kweli naye sajita kugwaayo. Essimu eno yakolebwa nga teffa mu mazzi. I had recorded this before."

"And I have everything intact. I used the torch light so rescuers to see us. May be God saved me with all this so that I could show the world something. I have other videos which I still fear to put up here."

Video of the boat cruise minutes before it capsized

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